Missy's 22nd Birthday 10/27/04

All Images ©Phil White -- BMFPhil.com

IMG_1985 Missy and Angie sing at the Karaoke IMG_1989 Missy and Angie sing at the Karaoke IMG_1990 Kim Angie and Krissy look for another song to sing. IMG_1996 Krissy Kim and Angie. IMG_1997 The DJ of the night. IMG_2001 Pete and Missy. IMG_2002 Missy and Pete. IMG_2004 Pete Missy and Angie. IMG_2005 Anige and Missy. IMG_2008 Maria and Missy. IMG_2009 Krissy Missy and Kim. IMG_2010 The sisters. IMG_2012 Krissy and Kim. IMG_2015 Kim and Angie. IMG_2030 Pete and Missy on stage. IMG_2031 Pete and Missy on stage. IMG_2034 Pete and Missy on stage. IMG_2035 Justin double fistin' it. IMG_2036 Wake up Nicole! IMG_2039 The party crew. IMG_2041 Justin's gotta make a face for one. IMG_2043 Missy and people we just met, (Jen & ?) and Pete. IMG_2045 Missy, the birthday girl. IMG_2046 Nicole and Missy, signing the song together. IMG_2047 Rob and his friend. IMG_2048 Missy, having a good time. IMG_2007 Justin and Missy.