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   07.01.04 || Lemme Brag

Lots of interesting news in the last few days, at least stuff I'd like to brag about. Yesterday Phil, my boss mentioned how much a senior engineer at TTX makes. At $140,000 I think that's something I would like to work towards. I think most the senior engineers have worked maybe 10 years, maybe a little less, obviously not right out of college. We'll see if I have a change at getting a permanent job at TTX after I graduate, unfortunately they aren't hiring, or at least they aren't hiring white people, for some reason, any guesses? Then today we had a Engineering and Research department meeting. I previously edited a video for a senior engineer in the new car department (I'm in the research department) and he asked if I would display it at this meeting. He found out I do video editing and stuff, so he wanted to use my knowledge. Anyways I had to do a presentation to the engineers, managers, and directors of TTX-mind you this is the whole engineering department of TTX. I played the video on the big boss's laptop on the projector, and everyone watched it, and I talked about what it was. I think it went pretty well couple guys told me good job, maybe I'll be a future engineering manager or director? Hopefully. How exciting. On another note a couple days ago another employee at TTX who some how found out I knew about video cameras, came up to me and asked me about them, he's looking to buy one for his personal use. So not only do I work for the people of TTX, but the people of TTX ask me, an intern, for advice. Ironic isn't it? Ok I suppose I've done enough bragging for one day.