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   07.19.04 || Strolling around Chicago

So I went to Millennium Park today, for those who didn't know it opened last weekend, had to check out that "Bean" or correctly known as the "Cloud Gate". It was pretty cool as you can see, but then I found out there, my dad called after he got back from taking the car to the appraiser for insurance and we're getting the money back for my radio and stuff from the burglary of my car, and to fix the dash from insurance, so I was pretty happy about that. Then went to the faces screens, or known as "Crown Fountain" and watched those for a while. They have faces displayed as you can see and the water comes out the mouth. Interesting, but only for so long, so then I headed back, and on the train ride home I was listening to Q101, (101.1) like usual, and the DJ asked if anyone had gone to Millennium Park and I just left there so I called and took the chance and I actually got through! So I talked to him about the park and he was talking about the faces screens. He talked about how the people on the screens weren't too attractive people said there should be supermodels on those screens. I talked about how the water came out, and said that they probably had to make the portions correct so the water spout would come out the mouth in the picture. He said something else should be displayed there. That was about it in the conversation, then I was listening and about 6:25 PM our conversation was broadcast on the radio! I made it on the radio today! Yay! Ha. Pretty exciting, dumb but still exciting. Then I went and got new head unit and radar detector, and then finally got back to my apartment, way past my bedtime, but I had to post this today, its old news if I didn't. So you better enjoy, I stayed up to do it!