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   07.31.04 || Upgrade

If you didn't see my messages, or haven't visited my page in a while you probably don't know I updated my hosting company. Basically to put it in terms most everyone understands, I upgraded from T-Mobile to Verizon. I get more minutes, better service, more options. In website terms I upgraded my hosting company, I have more webspace to put pictures and such on. As we all know pictures take up lots of space on websites and well I was plainly running out of space. Also with this new hosting company I get more options. One new thing is blogging. I can have my own xanga.com like webloging that people can sign up and get a name and password, and have thier own blogging page, right on my website. If enough people are interested, I might be apt to put some time into it and get a blogging site going. If you notice on the blogging page, I made up two names, whiteography, and BMF, just to show you what it would look like. People can comment, as well as give karma points. The calendar at the right shows the days you've blogged. Obviously this is really plain and simple, but like I said I'll work on changing that if people are interested.