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   01.31.05 || Farewell Handicap Pass

February came in no time. Well at least for me it did. I managed to get myself a handicap parking pass from back in October when I sprained my ankle. For my recovery time it helped me a lot, and it still did, till today. Today was the last day I could use the pass, as it expires last day of January 2005. This rather sucks for me, not because I can't park in the handicap parking spots at Wal-Mart, but because I was able to park right next to the Engineering Building. I mean I parked right next to the back door, so I could leave my apartment and it would take me 8 minutes door to door to get to my class. Now I'll have to suffice with walking, which brings my travel time up to 15 minutes or so. Yes this is driving to class, considering NIU doesn't have ANY busses that go from Eco Park to the Engineering Building. Engineers and also the business people get screwed on the bus deal. Ok, we have an L and R bus that comes, but that takes me back to campus, not to my apartment, it's crap. So needless to say I'll miss this darn pass.