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   02.08.05 || New Layout

Well, I think its time for an update. I guess I'd like to start off talking about this new layout. It's quite different; I think its working out really well. Obviously people don't come here to read what I have to say, as much as they want to see the pictures, so I've been trying to convert my website to that. As you can see I now have a 'photoblog' which is basically just a picture I have at the top of the page. The point of a photoblog is where I don't type out stuff about it, but more let the photo do the speaking. I'd also like to point out the countdown link added today, and also the new favorite song. On another note, I just wanted to express an opinion of mine that has come up recently. The NIU Job Fair was today at the Convocation Center. In telling people I was going to this, and seeing if they were going I got somewhat of a different view than I would have thought. I would think for us seniors (the other people I've talked to are seniors as well) that any opportunity to get a job after school, they would jump on it. However, this is not the case. I heard the normal "there's nothing for me there" or "I'm not graduating in May, why bother go?" Well I think that is pretty ignorant. First of all do these people think that you can just magically get a job after school without working for it? Second, we all know the job market is slightly slim; wouldn't you want to start early? I won't be graduating till December, but I'm not going to wait till the end of November to start looking for a job, and then just sit around doing nothing when I can't find a job. Granted there's no guarantee I'll get a job even if I do start looking now, but my chances are better. So I guess I consider it rather stupid for seniors (graduating in May OR December) to not take advantage of every thing you can that would help you get a permanent job or an internship, but maybe I'm the stupid one.