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   04.01.05 || I'm Hitched

I didn't want to tell anyone earlier, we were kind of keeping it a
secret, but Krissy and I did get married in Vegas when we were there
couple weeks ago. Her blog was telling the truth, she now has a ring.

Pretty ain't it? It better be, it was expensive!

It is kind of a weird story, I mean
Britney Spears can do it, but I don't know if I fit that class. People
were questioning us a lot, "was it true"… "what's
with Phil and this getting married thing?" I heard many people
talk about it; I never really said anything though. Well now I'm talking
about it. I'm hitched! We really wanted to elope, it seemed like a
different thing to do, and lots of people tell me it saves lots of
money. Me being to lots of weddings, I can see the money it saves,
so we decided to save our money and time and just get it done with.
I know I'm so nonchalant about it, but we've been thinking about it
long before we went. Now the 'newness' has kind of wore off, hell
we've almost got a month under our belt! We had to go to Elvis; it's
just a classic, so… thanks Elvis for a good time.

Elvis, thanks for the good time!

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