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   04.13.05 || Terri Schiavo

This comic has always been a classic lazy comic. All the frames are drawn all the same, giving easiness when making the comic, just have to add text. I've heard others talk about this particular comic, saying pretty much that, the comic kind of sucks. After saying all that, I thought today was probably his first good comic that I've seen. He makes a good point here, pretty much what I've been saying since I heard about all that crap.

How many millions of other people are going through the same thing? Why pick some random case in Florida? I think everyone kind of knows what I'm talking about here: Terri (Schrivo) (Shiavo) Schiavo . Why should I care about her? I mean how many other cases of this are there all the time? It's only the media who brought this case to be so big, that and politics. It perks everyone's interest when that name comes up now, it's just like I was talking about in my blog after the tsunami, and if anyone hears the word tsunami it perks their interest. I think it is overplayed crap, not that it isn't relevant to many people, but why her. I was sorry for the family she died, but really kind of glad, hopefully now I won't have to have the media throw everything about her and her case into my face.

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WHY SHOULD WE CARE??? I Will tell you why! That young woman died knowing who was killimg her!The human brain holds many mysteries, one of which is knowing, rememberence,and emotional feelings! Its all grouped in a few cells that never die!!I know this because of my Memere. Incoherant on her death bed, I made a silly comment to my girls how "Mem" tried to teach me to knit and all I managed to make were "really damn long scarfs".It was always a private joke between us. Well,... She brought her little hands to her face and started to cry//looked straigt at me with her Memere eyes and I KNEW she was there!!!!NEVER, I MEAN NEVER underestimate the power of the brain!!!!!!

Posted by: Lisa at July 15, 2005 11:31 PM