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   08.30.05 || Smoking Ban

While wandering around at the DeKalb Corn Fest on Friday we walked into a tent where a guy was getting people to fill out cards about a smoking ban in DeKalb. Myself I would support him more if I had the time, I just don’t like smokers. For one I have Asthma, not too serious, but its hard to breath in bars after so long, plus who wants to smell of the smoke stench after spending a half hour in a bar.

It’s pretty far away I know, but anyone who’s not busy September 19, should head over to the DeKalb Municipal Building, 200 S. Fourth Street at 7 PM. There’s a workshop talking about the possible smoking ban here in DeKalb. Myself I'd like to see this ban go in effect. One of the many arguments is the business should be able to choose whether or not they will allow smoking indoors, however, they aren’t going to allow the smoking for the non-smokers obviously, so what right do the non-smokers have? I agree they should have a right to choose, but are businesses also aloud to have asbestos out in the open in the bar too? It is the same idea: they are both proven to cause cancer. If you are in the DeKalb area, stop by the meeting, if not come out to DeKalb.

The article I saw this in is here: Smoking Ban. I also posted this info on NIU LiveJournal, check out there for other commenters, or here's a direct link: Smokers Suck.

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   08.19.05 || Summer Trip 2005

So I finally got some time to get the picture from our trip up. Click on the picture, I explain more of how this trip came about, and also you can see the hundreds (as usual) of pictures there.

Click picture

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   08.16.05 || Two Seventy Nine

So the first word that comes to mind is that nasty word that some people don't like, but I can't say it describes it better. If you have seen anything here you probably know what word I’m talking about, otherwise read a few posts back. Anyways, yep, $2.79 is the going price for 87 octane gas. Will it break $3.00 in our area? Who knows, all I know is its all a scam. Oil shortage? Yea right! Maybe its time for us to break into our stock in Alaska? It rather sucks remembering when I was a kid and my mom filled up our 1989 Oldsmobile Delta 88 and we would upset when we paid more than $20 to fill it up. Given this is a 16 gallon tank, we can soon figure out that its not much more than a dollar a gallon. Well 15 years later that is the car I drive today. Filling it up, a whopping 15 gallons was $41, what a rip off. I’m sure the gas doesn’t cost more to produce than it did 15 years ago, so who’s pocketing all this money?

Not that I don't have much more to say about being ripped off, lets change the subject to talk about a city in Illinois that doubles its population during the spring and fall. Yea, DeKalb is vacant during the summer and massive amounts of people migrate back when school starts. The day to hibernate, stay at home, avoid DeKalb at all costs is Thursday. This is the first day the dorms can move in, so driving around DeKalb is horrible. Not that the rest of the weekend is much better, but not as bad as clueless freshman driving around for the first day. I like the big road construction signs that you see out on 88, in DeKalb here with “Move in date is Aug 18” “Drive Safely” flashing back and forth. Just shows you what a mess it’s going to be. Anyway for those who have been here for a while, you probably already know this, for those who haven’t, beware.

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