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   01.19.06 || Elburn Metra Station

I spent three years traveling to downtown Chicago every summer, and school breaks, and my daily commute would include driving out to the Aurora Metra station and hopping on a train there to get downtown. My commute was 2 hours each way from DeKalb or from Yorkville for that matter, and I heard about this station going up in Elburn. Well as usual now I'm done with that job the Elburn Metra Station will be up and running Monday the 23rd. I really don’t know how much time it would have saved me, probably 20 minutes or so, but a 4 our commute to work vs. a 3 hour 20 minute does sound more appealing. Maybe those commuting from DeKalb back home to Chicago will get more use out of this line.

This just reminds me of how in high school I had a 25 mile (about a half hour) commute to high school. When I started traffic wasn’t great but wasn’t that bad. I'm talking about the western suburbs, more so Orchard Road in Aurora. In the past few years that area, and even farther west and southwest is growing like crazy. With more houses come more cars, more people commuting. So anyway come near the end of my years in high school traffic was getting pretty atrocious. This is a two lane road that is always backed up, at least a mile, with little other routes to take. So what do they do, soon after I graduate they make Orchard road four lanes, alleviating lots of the traffic problems. Figures.

While were on the high school subject our school decides after I leave to put TV’s in every classroom. Why couldn’t this happen while I was there?

So now that I'm out of college, NIU has every right to do some drastic change. Like build a brand new Engineering Building (even though I think it’s less than 10 years old). Or solve the parking problems, or at least make some drastic change to help the situation.

What’s next? Who knows, time will only tell. But it won’t happen till I don’t need or use it anymore.

I'm sure everyone has this happen to them, obviously those who graduated from my high school before they built the brand new one I was in, a year before I started, felt this way.