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   07.31.06 || 110 Index

How is 99 degrees with a 110 index ‘nice’? Sorry but running from your car air conditioning to your house air conditioning in the summer is just as bad as running from your car heat to your house heat in the winter.

I just don’t get why people like summer. Heat is more miserable than cold. In the winter you can put more clothes on if you’re cold. In the summer, you can only take off so many clothes.

It seems as though those who like summer are the first to complain how hot it is, and run in their car and turn their air on. To me, I'd rather have it cooler out, fall and spring are nice, but if I had to pick between snow and 100 degreed I'd choose snow.

Sitting outside not doing a thing, and dripping sweat is just not fun.

Are you summer lovers happy?