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   12.18.06 || House Project #2: 55 Gallon Tank Stand

House Project #2 Complete. After a few weeks of making, I finally got the fish tank stand complete. Krissy got me a 55 gallon tank for my birthday, however we needed a stand. Rather than spending $140 on a plain black painted stand at Petco, I decided to make my own, which I could customize the way I wanted.

So I could have spent many hours at the library on researching how to make a 55 gallon fish tank stand, or just take 5 minutes on Google, and find plans for a 75/55 gallon tank stand.

I spent a night going through his design and modifying what I wanted with it, and designed my own tank stand. It took me a few weekends to get everything together and get it built and stained and stuff, but it is finally complete, and the tank is running. In a few days I’ll have fish in it.

No support in the front center for easy access to the inside of the stand.

Turned out pretty decent I think, custom made with no center support in the front at the doors, no support to get in the way, double braced for the weight though. As you can see it is pretty basic, no background, not much inside, but it will improve as we find stuff we like for it.


I think the quartzite, sandstone, and granite rocks are pretty cool.. too bad we couldn't add carbonate rocks...

Posted by: Krissy at December 18, 2006 08:31 PM