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   09.06.07 || Canon EOS 40D

Let’s start by saying this camera is amazing, yes they did hype it up, but Canon did a pretty good job on this camera. I’m speaking from two days with this camera, I got mine 9/4/07 (maybe 5 hours of playing with it though). I will be testing this further to see how well the exposure works, auto focus and live view.

The live view is neat, but not really useful other than for still objects, manual focus is slow and hard to get right, even with the 5x or 10x zoom features.

A great improvement is how loud the camera is. I also have a 20D and that camera is very loud, same with the 30D, but even at 6.5 frames per second (I’d eventually verify this fps myself) it is very quiet, and not ‘motorized’ sounding like the Rebel XTi is.

The first thing I noticed is just how enormous the screen is, 3 inches, especially because I’m used to the nice 1.8” on the 20D.

I would really like to do a full test, being that we’ve got the 20D, 30D and now 40D. Side by side, same objects to test color, noise at different ISO, etc.

20D vs. 30D vs. 40D

Is the 40D that much better? I think so.

First photo with the camera: