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   11.26.07 || Bedroom TV

So we finally broke down and replaced the 19 inch more than 10 year old TV in the bedroom. I don’t watch much TV, the place I watch TV the most is in bed, so why not make that TV a good one. We didn’t want to go with another tube TV, being in a couple years our non HD TVs will pretty much be dead, we should go with an HD TV. So how about a 40 inch LCD TV mounted on the wall in our bedroom. Now that’s sweet. It is actually very nice, up high enough where the sheets don’t cover the TV.

LCD TV wall mounted at the foot of our bed.

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   11.15.07 || Best Man Speech

This is a classic. Pete, I met freshman year in college and lived in a couple apartments with did a very nice best man speech, as well as blog about it afterwards. I won’t bother explaining it, he did it best:

Video of his Speech

Blog about his speech

You're the best, man.

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   11.12.07 || Year End List

Sorry folks, I’m really late in getting my shopping list to you. I know you only have 2 more days of shopping till my birthday, so honestly I won’t mind if you’re a week late. No big deal. So here it is, many items still remain from last year:

Still no takers on this:

Grand Prix GXP

Is that one bad? That must be why I haven’t got it, ok we can go with one of these:

Dodge Charger, all wheel drive, blue SRT8 with a Hemi please.

Ok we’ll drop the costs a little bit for those with a tight budget. I’ll even save you shipping on the next items, just add them all to your cart at www.bhphotovideo.com:

70-200 2.8L IS Canon Lens, you’ll save $125 on this lens! It’s got an instant rebate on it now.

24-70 2.8L Canon Lens

10-22mm Canon Lens

Ok, that is still over your budget, we’ll go for one of these, lets join the crowd, who wouldn’t want this:

160GB Apple iPod Black

So those all bust your budget? This is one is for you, hey get 2 friends to go with you on it and you’ll have the 3 I need! C’mon we’re talking pennies here!

Digital8 tape case, Yes, I still need 3 of these.


So you can't afford anything? Well ya know I have just thing below, those boxes before the submit button, type something and hit POST. Thanks.

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