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   03.31.08 || Sasha the Siberian

So Krissy has wanted another pet for a while. We tried a dog, that didn’t work out. Yes Mica is still doing well, he is with Krissy’s aunt. The 5 pound small puppy we got is now a 35 pound ball of energy. A dog is just what her aunt needed, so it worked out good. We just weren’t home enough for him; he is a very energetic dog.

So what is the other American pet? Yes, a cat. Well I like cats, and have had cats almost all my life; problem is they’ve all been outside cats because I am allergic to cats. Well after many hours of research and looking at the options Krissy found that Siberian cats have less of the protein that produces the allergen. This is not a cure for everyone, some are still allergic to Siberians, but she has wanted to get a kitten for a while. Then she found a 9 year old Siberian cat that was looking for a new home.

So we finally got the time to get up to Wisconsin and pick Sasha up.

Today is day two of the one week trial to see if I’m allergic to her and so far I’d have to say I’m still allergic to her. Krissy is also reacting to her, which she usually isn’t allergic to cats. She did make a nice feather duster by going behind the fridge and washer when we brought her home as it seems that the stress of the car ride home made her really tired because she hid for the first 6 hours she was here. Then she came out, and as friendly as could be just wanted to explore. Jump on anything she could, get to all different altitudes, etc. She is not destructive, but if it looks like she can jump on it, she will. She took to her litter box very well, no problems yet.

Now we’re trying to determine if we are allergic to her, or her shedding and the dust she stirred up. I had more of a reaction yesterday than today, so maybe that’s a good sign, for Krissy that is :).

She has also made a bed of Krissy’s desk.

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