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   12.10.10 || 7th Annual End Of Year List

Back by popular demand, a little late this year. Being you didn't have a list to go by for my birthday, you now have more $ to put toward my Christmas gift! So lets all pull together, communicate over Facebook private messaging, and make sure all the items on the list are accounted for.

A few Items are still on the list from last year,  in price order:

Calumet Genesis lighting accessories

LCD Monitor Desk bracket (I'll take 4 of these! ... yes 4! ;) )

Sears laser level system

42" Foldable reflector (...or the 52")

32GB Transcend CF card

Speed Radar gun


Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens

Travelite 2 head pack
(Ideally this kit with the PocketWizards)


WOW! Nothing over $1000!  Now you can afford to buy everything!

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