LA Trip -- Day 3 12-28-05

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IMG_9354 Alameda Ave IMG_9360 NBC Studios, Alameda Ave IMG_9363 NBC Studios, Alameda Ave IMG_9371 Small houses IMG_9381 Lots of dome mirrors IMG_9383 Short driveways IMG_9387 Steep driveways IMG_9396 Grand entrances IMG_9398 Grand entrances IMG_9399 Construction on grand entrance IMG_9401 Curvy roads IMG_9406 Cactus Flowers IMG_9407 Cactus Flowers IMG_9408 Cactus Flowers IMG_9409 Cactus Flowers IMG_9410 Cactus Flowers IMG_9411 Flowers IMG_9413 Flowers IMG_9416 Bel Air Road IMG_9418 Narrow roads IMG_9420 Bellagio Road IMG_9424 Oranges IMG_9426 Oranges IMG_9433 Rodeo Drive IMG_9434 Rodeo Drive IMG_9435 Rodeo Drive IMG_9436 Rodeo Drive IMG_9437 Rodeo Drive IMG_9438 Rodeo Drive IMG_9439 Rodeo Drive IMG_9440 Rodeo Drive IMG_9441 Rodeo Drive
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