The History behind the "white car"

My parents bought it new in 1989 with like 70 miles on it, and it became our family car. I was little enough back then to fit nicely in the back seat. Now the back seat is just a little small. However, it was replaced as the family car, because I was too big for the back seat, in 1997 when we bought our van. Ever since then it has been mom's car. Then when I got my license I started driving it, which is when it became the 'white car' rather than 'mom's car' because I drove it more often than she did. Now the car is just an extra and I drive it all the time, thats how I consider it "my car." As I said in the 'my car' page, this is the car I like and I have grown up with. It has been a part of my life for more than 12 years, so it's the car I always remember riding in. The car still has no major problems, other than its old, and it has high miles. When people look at it they think of just a normal 'piece of junk' old car, but to me I see all it's been through, and how good of shape it still is in. If you ride in it you will see what I mean too, its still got lots of power, and rides nice. So that is why I like this car so much!

Almost 200,000 miles.....

200,000 Miles!!!

As of July 1, 2000 this car has 200,000 miles, and still running great!


As of October 31, 2002 this car has 220,000 miles, still running strong! Original transmission, original engine, minor repairs and the usual maintence.
Ok, you might have an awesome car, this might be crap to you, but how many miles does yours have on it? How many miles will you get out of it?...yea thats what I thought!
Old granny car (not really because we've owned it since it was new) can probably beat your car too!






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