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   08.31.04 || Accident

Only here you'll find news before even the newspapers can report it. After a call from Emily who called Pat, who called me and let me know about an accident on Annie Glidden and Lucinda around 2 AM Tuesday morning, I decided to drive out there see what it was like. Three cars all together and the red one is Gary's car, who was just leaving work at Domino's following Jake and Bryan, who left just before him. I guess the guy in the black car was drinking and caused the whole accident, and the girls in the other car were just going home from work also. We'll see if the Star covers anything on it tomorrow, or if I'll get a picture in for Wednesday. The few pictures below show the layout of the accident, as well as the damage.

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   08.25.04 || Stink Pile

Well what a crazy week so far, if you haven't heard, check out my blogs from the last few days. There was a cool thing my mom sent to me tonight. We've been trying to fight this guy because of his "stink pile" for a long time now. He just has so much money he can do whatever he wants, no matter what the residence who live around him say, it's crap. Maybe this will change something:

Here's the link to the article too: Beacon News

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   08.23.04 || Chicago Air and Water Show

First day back to school, not too bad I must say. It seems like this semester is going to be interesting. On another note, yesterday I went to the Chicago Air and Water show and took some nice pictures, as you all know I would. Anyone who likes airplanes, fighter jets, Army or Air Force, these pictures are a must see. Click the picture below for more details.

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   08.08.04 || Ultimate Go Cart

I needed to go home to get some stuff for work, so I just decided to go with my parents to a friend's race. These cars are called sprint cars, also racing there were midget cars. Basically the sprint cars are a little bigger than the midgets, but simply said it'sa very fast go cart. Dale just bought the white 21 car; this is only his second race. It was pretty interesting really, for all who care his car has a Chevy 350 engine, and the thing only weighs about 1200 lbs. In the 5/8 mile oval track he can get upwards of 100 mph in it, pretty darn fast. These are some pictures of him, and his soon to be wife Pam. He was very popular with the kids, they wanted his autograph. Also the pit crew, the guy on the left is my uncle Jerry.

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   08.04.04 || Lightning

The last few days I've had a hard time falling asleep. Don't know why, maybe because it's been rather warm the last few days. Last night I think I knew why it was hard to sleep, thunder. When the cable went out I said heck with it, and got up and took pictures of lighting out my window. Mind you this is pretty much after the storm passed so there wasn't much lightning left and it seemed for some reason to be more toward the east, and my window faces west. I did get a nice shot though, even though it's through the screen and a little blurry. Not bad for a few minutes of trying, from my bedroom window.

Click to enlarge.

I also decided to use my blogging abilities. It may be gay, or dumb, but I think people may enjoy reading my dumb thoughts or ideas. Some may be interesting to some people, so I've set this page http://phil.whiteography.com/blog.php for my daily blog.

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