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   07.31.04 || Upgrade

If you didn't see my messages, or haven't visited my page in a while you probably don't know I updated my hosting company. Basically to put it in terms most everyone understands, I upgraded from T-Mobile to Verizon. I get more minutes, better service, more options. In website terms I upgraded my hosting company, I have more webspace to put pictures and such on. As we all know pictures take up lots of space on websites and well I was plainly running out of space. Also with this new hosting company I get more options. One new thing is blogging. I can have my own xanga.com like webloging that people can sign up and get a name and password, and have thier own blogging page, right on my website. If enough people are interested, I might be apt to put some time into it and get a blogging site going. If you notice on the blogging page, I made up two names, whiteography, and BMF, just to show you what it would look like. People can comment, as well as give karma points. The calendar at the right shows the days you've blogged. Obviously this is really plain and simple, but like I said I'll work on changing that if people are interested.

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   07.27.04 || Sand Dunes in Silver Lake Michigan

What a weekend, had lots of fun out in the sand dunes at Silver Lake, MI. I finally got the pictures up from it, they turned out good, and some look pretty sweet I might say. I also have video from it, but hard to put that on here, click the picture, and enjoy!

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   07.19.04 || Strolling around Chicago

So I went to Millennium Park today, for those who didn't know it opened last weekend, had to check out that "Bean" or correctly known as the "Cloud Gate". It was pretty cool as you can see, but then I found out there, my dad called after he got back from taking the car to the appraiser for insurance and we're getting the money back for my radio and stuff from the burglary of my car, and to fix the dash from insurance, so I was pretty happy about that. Then went to the faces screens, or known as "Crown Fountain" and watched those for a while. They have faces displayed as you can see and the water comes out the mouth. Interesting, but only for so long, so then I headed back, and on the train ride home I was listening to Q101, (101.1) like usual, and the DJ asked if anyone had gone to Millennium Park and I just left there so I called and took the chance and I actually got through! So I talked to him about the park and he was talking about the faces screens. He talked about how the people on the screens weren't too attractive people said there should be supermodels on those screens. I talked about how the water came out, and said that they probably had to make the portions correct so the water spout would come out the mouth in the picture. He said something else should be displayed there. That was about it in the conversation, then I was listening and about 6:25 PM our conversation was broadcast on the radio! I made it on the radio today! Yay! Ha. Pretty exciting, dumb but still exciting. Then I went and got new head unit and radar detector, and then finally got back to my apartment, way past my bedtime, but I had to post this today, its old news if I didn't. So you better enjoy, I stayed up to do it!

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   07.14.04 || Robbing Bastards

After working all day I come back to my car on Monday, July 12th sitting in the Aurora Transportation Center's parking lot, where I park every day and ride the train into Chicago, and the rear passenger door window is broke out. I get closer, my $465 head unit (stereo) faceplate is gone, and my $180 radar detector gone, $20 sunglasses, my CD's and case, and quarters for parking, center console gone through, and misc. change I had in the car all gone. Someone broke into my car, and stole everything they could. Mind you they must have broke the window with their hand or something because there was blood all over, I have their DNA, on my seat, center console, papers in the center console were bloody, and blood fingerprints on the hood because they opened the hood to beat on the battery cable to try and get the alarm to stop going off. They tore my dash apart trying to get my head unit out, but couldn't get that, only could get the faceplate. They took probably like $750 worth of stuff, plus the cost of the window.. I called the police, like they'll do anything, they wrote a report, that's about it. So the last few days haven't been the best. As always this has been documented, by what other than pictures, click the picture for more.

The cop not taking fingerprints for the reason he said which was "there isn't any finger prints, otherwise I would get someone out here to take them" Bullshit cop, there are blood and grease fingerprints on my hood. He just wanted to tell me I was stupid for leaving my faceplate on, which I was, ok, but do I deserve any of this? I think not. Maybe this will have to spark my engineering learning and set me up a burglar fryer in my car. Some high voltage power lines going through my car wouldn't feel too good, I can catch the thief that way because well, they won't live. Bastards.

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   07.06.04 || Chicago Lakefront Fire Works

I was one of the brave souls who went to the Chicago fireworks this year, yes me and a couple million other people. Even though I would say there were less people because of the rain, it just made my lake front spot easier to get, I mean literally 3 feet from the water, with nobody in front of me, it was sweet. The rain wasn't bad, only rained maybe a little over an hour, but my umbrella handled it just fine, I stayed dry. I went to the Taste of Chicago and then went wandered around the lake, taking pictures all throughout. I got some good pictures I think, click the fireworks picture for more.

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   07.01.04 || Lemme Brag

Lots of interesting news in the last few days, at least stuff I'd like to brag about. Yesterday Phil, my boss mentioned how much a senior engineer at TTX makes. At $140,000 I think that's something I would like to work towards. I think most the senior engineers have worked maybe 10 years, maybe a little less, obviously not right out of college. We'll see if I have a change at getting a permanent job at TTX after I graduate, unfortunately they aren't hiring, or at least they aren't hiring white people, for some reason, any guesses? Then today we had a Engineering and Research department meeting. I previously edited a video for a senior engineer in the new car department (I'm in the research department) and he asked if I would display it at this meeting. He found out I do video editing and stuff, so he wanted to use my knowledge. Anyways I had to do a presentation to the engineers, managers, and directors of TTX-mind you this is the whole engineering department of TTX. I played the video on the big boss's laptop on the projector, and everyone watched it, and I talked about what it was. I think it went pretty well couple guys told me good job, maybe I'll be a future engineering manager or director? Hopefully. How exciting. On another note a couple days ago another employee at TTX who some how found out I knew about video cameras, came up to me and asked me about them, he's looking to buy one for his personal use. So not only do I work for the people of TTX, but the people of TTX ask me, an intern, for advice. Ironic isn't it? Ok I suppose I've done enough bragging for one day.

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