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   10.30.04 || Swollen Ankle

So yea, for those who haven't been reading my blog, I've done a number on my ankle. I wasn't sure if I wanted to put pictures of my ankle on here, who wants to see a nasty picture of a gostly-white-boy's ankle. I guess it isn't so bad, and Pete wanted to put the picture I showed people onto his website. However, I figure it's My picture of My ankle and it should appear on My website, right? Right. So for those looking for that picture, and who haven't seen it already, here you go. Also a new picture of what it looks like now, with the pre-cast thats on it right now. Thanks to Krissy for all her help, read my blog for details on what happened.

Click for larger view.

Reminder: Only 4 days left, don't forget to Vote!!

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   10.28.04 || Missy's 22nd

Lunar eclipse around 9 PM last night, can't miss a shot like that. Only if I had a tripod here, the shot would be even better. That was just a start to the night, Happy 22nd Birthday to Missy as a bunch of us went out with her. I think she enjoyed herself, we all did our job, and she was having some fun, meeting new people at the bar. Karaoke night at the bar, always entertaining along with people in the bar yelling for her and Pete to get their turn to go on stage. Then as the bar closing another birthday wish from the DJ, and a mention of the photographer she brought along (me). So coming from the photographer, what's better than being featured on here, right? Click the picture below for more from the night.

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   10.25.04 || Pesky Bugs

Damn things are back. You all who like warm weather better love them, as we can see when it gets warm they come back to torture us. For those who haven't seen any around today, you're lucky, but as for most of us, they're in our hair, backpacks, in our cars, and wherever else you'd least expect them. Just wait for the snow to start falling, at least the bugs will be gone then.

Click the picture, I had quite an adventure taking pictures of these little things.

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   10.23.04 || New Cool Stuff

I finally got a break today, got a chance to work on my site some more. Few new things today, first of all I got my music page updated. I'm almost at 6000 songs, so if you like to find new music this is the place to look, or if you like to get some old stuff, its there also. Another thing to point out is the BMFPHIL bars dividing each day, something different, I thought it was time for a change, let me know what you think. Also a new page: About Me, well is just how it sounds. If you need to contact me, that's the page, if you want to know anything about me, it's all there. Maybe someday I'll get pictures of myself on that page too, keep a look out for that.

Also something interesting, try bookmarking this site, then close this window. Then open a new window and load this site again. Now look at the address bar, should be a very little black BMF PHIL rather than the usual blue 'e' symbol (in IE). Pretty cool isn't it!?

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   10.21.04 || New Fall Pictures

I went out a few days ago and took a few fall scenery pictures. Some I'd say turned out really well. I kind of make things up as I go, and I've been taking more and more events lately so I've made a new part of my site http://bmfphil.com/events/ . This is where I'll put new pictures I've taken, that aren't party pictures or just don't have a classification. So check them out:

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   10.18.04 || NIU Homecoming 2004

Homecoming weekend here at NIU, we had a parade on Friday and football game and other festivities on Saturday. I wasn't around for the football game, had wedding stuff to do. Anyways, below are a few pictures from the parade, and also from something going on on Hillcrest and Annie Glidden Saturday night. Not sure what it was, but there were lots of cops and lots of people out, was a crazy night. Click the parade picture to view the other pictures

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   10.12.04 || NIU Womens Tugs & Turd from Mancow pictures

Due to some controversy with Northern Star and my personal site I was restricted on putting pictures on my site till they printed in the paper. Otherwise I would have had these pictures to on here a couple days ago. Anyways, I shot Women's Tugs, and Turd from Mancow's Morning Madhouse visiting Fatty's on Saturday. There is a photo gallery of Tugs, by request.

New Poll added today, click BMF Poll: 4 above! For previous Poll results check out my Blog.

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   10.10.04 || Miserable Failure

This is so funny, you've got to try it. Go to www.google.com and type "miserable failure". Then instead of clicking search click the 'I'm feeling lucky'. See what happens. Is this trying to tell us something? Maybe, maybe not. You can also just click here, click the first on the list.

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