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   11.28.04 || Thanksgiving Shopping

There's been a lot going on in the last couple days. First of all we had snow; my previous post was before we got much snow. The next day was the best, so I had to get pictures of that too. Also some pictures of the kitty we got a couple months ago, Neuone. Click the picture on the right to see those pictures. Then we had day after thanksgiving shopping, the picture is everything we bought that morning. My parents and I split up and went to different stores at like 5:30 AM. Then waited in line to get in, and then grabbed what we wanted, and then waited in line to check out. The worst line was Best Buy, took about an hour in line to check out. This list below shows what we got; we spent a lot, saved about $1440 in rebates though, not too bad. Krissy and her mom actually came out with us too, we met at the different stores and they did some shopping too. This was their first time doing the day after thanksgiving morning shopping extravaganza for them. I think it was quite an experience, it's fun watching people, and getting good deals on stuff. To get most things for more than half off, it makes it worth while.

Click image for larger view.

Included in that picture

If anyone is interested in this, the stuff in bold is possibly FOR SALE. Let me know if you are interested, prices are to be determined, but if you ask I can let you know. Otherwise you may see these items appear on Ebay.

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   11.24.04 || Snow, more Snow!

Finally, we have snow. After a long Fall of rather warm weather, and continual reappearances of those damn annoying lady bugs, we have snow. It's not sticking very well as of yet, but maybe tonight we'll get an accumulation. Probably not too awful much, and it probably won't last very long, but it's nice to see white again. As we have every year, the idiot drivers come out, the people that don't understand how to drive in snow, the fact that you don't have to do 30 mph on 88. First of all its not even 32 out, so it's not going to freeze, so there's no ice. I don't know maybe I'm a fool, but I had no problem doing 70 mph, while others were doing 50-55. I know its just in time for the holiday, so everyone's running amuck, not knowing what to do with this new white stuff. I just hope we can have a white Christmas this year, not just scattered white, but a good foot or two on the ground.

Click image for more pictures.

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   11.17.04 || Canon 20D, a damn nice camera

I got to use my new camera for what it was meant for, sports photography. Its high frame-per-second capabilities are an advantage when it comes to fast paced action, like volleyball. I was so amazed by its performance I had to post some pictures from the Volleyball game last night. The girls won against Toledo, in the first round of the Mac Tournament. Overall it was a good game, fun to watch, even more so when I was taking lots of good photos. So below is an example of what I captured, two pictures printed in today's Northern Star, but being that I took somewhere around 500 and kept 404 of the pictures, I had to share more good ones.

Click image for more pictures.

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   11.16.04 || They're up!

What a weekend, more than I could ever ask for. Thanks for everyone who was a part of it, especially Krissy and Pete for planning so much for me, and obviously my parents for the best gift ever (look at the 20D below:). I finally got time to go through the 453 pictures that were taken at my birthday party. I've got the hopefully non incriminating pictures up; I dare anyone to look at every one of the 234 pictures that are on my website. So Missy, Kim, Pete, and whoever else kept asking about the pictures there you go!;) Anyway thanks again, the pictures are available on the Party Pictures site. Or click the image on the right.

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   11.11.04 || Convocation Center

As I was sitting in my room today, I glanced outside, saw a little glimpse of a nice sunset. So I grabbed my camera and hobbled myself out to investigate. Turned out the sunset tonight was rather stunning. I did my normal, took a few pictures, and then ran (hobbled) back to my apartment to look at them on the computer. They turned out pretty good, fascinating colors. This is what I miss, can't wait till I can walk again to get back to taking pictures. There are more pictures of my adventure, click the picture below to view the others.

Click image for more pictures.

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   11.10.04 || The Big Two-Three

Another year has gone by, so quick. Not that it matters anymore after 21 but my 23rd birthday is coming up, click here to see my countdown for the exact time. We'll see what fun this one brings, I'm sure nothing like my 21st, but I think that's a given. On the other hand my ankle is doing slightly better. I actually tried walking on it yesterday, and its holding up pretty well, we'll see when I can go full out walking, with no crutches. Maybe it's an early birthday gift, that'd be nice.
I guess because it's my birthday in a few days, I should put up a wish list; in case anyone is looking I need to give them time to make their purchase. Well number one on my list would be the Pontiac GTO. I've drove an Impulse Blue one,

and a Torrid Red one.

I'll take an automatic blue one, with the blue leather interior. If that's too much for your budget how about a Canon 20D,

it's quite a bit cheaper. It has a lot of new features I like, I could tell you, but I'd say most people wouldn't know what I was talking about. Those are my top choices, FYI, but obviously anything anyone wants to get me would be appreciated, even it if was just a Happy Birthday Comment.

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   11.08.04 || The Ultimate Game

Back when this semester started I was looking forward to taking football games this season, being that NIU had a good season last year. Many people at the Star want to take pictures of football games, so I had to wait my turn. I got to shoot my first game back on 9.24.04 vs Bowling Green, and it was great. I found out back in October that I would be able to shoot this game, go on the field behind the scene of many things, best view in the whole stadium, and right next to the ESPN2 people. Even got a few pictures of them last game. So Tuesday, November 9 was the game I was looking forward to. The game I couldn't wait for, so I could get some more awesome pictures of the best game of this season, But… now I can't. I still can't walk. So what a disappointment, best game of the whole season, possibly best game I'll ever see at NIU and I can't even go, let alone take pictures. So for those at the game, so some support for me, I'll be cheering them on in my apartment, envying those who are at the game.
The picture shows what I did: A Grade II (Second Degree) injury is more severe and indicates that the ligament has been more significantly damaged, but there is no significant instability. The ligaments are often partially torn.

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   11.05.04 || Ball and Chain...

I know most people don't want to listen to me complain, so don't read this if that's the case. Thanks to everyone who has asked about my ankle and helped me out. I just have to say this is a total change to my life, both temporary and permanently. In not being able to do anything I sit on the computer, and I did a little research on ankle sprains as serious as mine. It wasn't to exciting to find this out: "Spraining an ankle can increase your risk of re-injury as much as 40-70%." and "An ankle sprain can decrease your ability to balance on that foot and makes it easier to roll the ankle again." and "Injured ligaments can take up to 16 weeks or more to heal." and then to wonder how long it will take before I can actually walk on it without crutches and not have it hurt like hell and read this: "If your ankle isn't 80% functional after a month, contact your health care provider." Needless to say it isn't close to functional and it hasn't been a fun week. As most you know I'm an active person, I like to go out whenever I can, and having friends invite me out and having to deny it sucks. All I want is to get back to where I can walk, so I can do things for myself again and not have to ask Krissy or my roommates to help me. Ok, I feel better. A picture of what it looks like recently is below, it's disgusting I know.
On a lighter note my roommate was in the paper today. He's a bus driver for NIU, and I took a picture of him. You can see it here. The last picture below is a comparison to the 'boot' I have to my roommate's size 9 shoe. This boot is huge, I asked if it came with a motor, or wheels or something, haha.

Click for larger view.

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   11.02.04 || You Fools

All these people watching CNN, Fox News, NBC, etc. looking for the latest on this presidential election. Well I ask you fools, what’s the point? C’mon does it change your life knowing what the standing is in Pennsylvania when only 1% of the precinct is in? Does it change your life knowing what the latest on the race is? I say you’re wasting your time. Even after you do know who the president will be, has your life changed? I doubt it, I’m sure you’ll be going to class/work tomorrow, just like you would if the opposite person won. I’m sure the president doesn’t know you from anyone else, so why care about them? Yes you have views, and want to know their views, but you already voted, what more can you do? Nothing. So stop sitting in front of the TV, listening to these news reporters contradict themselves, and say Kerry is winning in Florida, and then the next minute say bush is winning in Florida. Wait till the official count is in, and we know for sure.

Presidential Election Poll: Results

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