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   12.29.04 || BMF Blue Cotton Panties

Well I hope everyone's Christmas went well. I didn't have too bad of a Christmas, in fact it was pretty fun, I actually got time off. Anyway, I would like to introduce the new BMFPHIL BLUE COTTON PANTIES! Haha, yes, it's just a joke, but when I thought of it I found it rather amusing. So I had Pete draw a face mimicking my face, and I put the text on it, and then put it on some blue panties (or 'girl's underwear' for those who don't like the word panties). I had to give this to Krissy, it's purely a gag gift, but I thought it was hilarious, I know every girl wants panties with their boyfriends face on it. So below is a few pictures of this. This idea was influenced by Mancow's White Cotton Panties, for those who know who Mancow you're missing out.

Click for larger view

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   12.11.04 || Business is good

Business is going good lately I haven't had the time to update this thing. I'll first start with last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I videoed The Best Christmas Pageant Ever play in Sandwich. I also took the cast picture (below), so I had orders to fill for that.

Then last Saturday we had a wedding, it was a video and photography wedding, but I did take some digital pictures. Julie recommended me for this wedding. It is Tom, her boyfriend's brother who was getting married. More pictures from this wedding will soon be avilable at events.whiteography.com.


Then lastly Heather, a friend of mine, asked me if I could take pictures of her and her boyfriend Jordan, so I've been quite busy lately (yes I get paid for this). So I went over and had a little photo shoot with them, hopefully get a good picture they could send to their friends during the holidays. Now I have to work on the play video, edit that all up, get it looking good, and make the DVD's I need for that, and also the VHS. Then once I can get that done and delivered to all the people who ordered from me, I need to work on this wedding video, 2 DVD's and 4 VHS to make for that. Then to add to all this I start work back at TTX again on Monday. So now I get to get up at 5 AM, rather than going to bed at 5 AM, oh it's going to be fun.

Also for those who missed the deals below, with all the stuff I got, you can now bid on it on Ebay. So go
to view the different items on Ebay.

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   12.03.04 || Hard Semester

Well that's it, it's all over. I've finished one of the hardest semesters of my carrer at NIU, at least the classes of it, finals are still next week.

MEE 430Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing
MEE 331Manufacturing Processes
MEE 410Intermediate Mechanics of Materials (Advanced Strength of Materials)
IENG 430TQuality Control
MEE 470 Design of Machine Elements

With 4 out of 5 classes being 400 level classes and that 470 class being really two classes in one, and 410 is a graduate class. I don't think I did too bad, we'll see how finals go, considering I've been working Wednesday, Thursday and have to work tonight. I'm videoing The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Indian Valley Theatre. I recorded yesterdays play, and I'm recording tonight's. Then I have a wedding tomorrow to video, so it's a rather busy weekend before finals, perfect timing. Anyways next Wednesday I'm done, and I 'm counting down.

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   12.01.04 || Three Feet

The snow is awesome, what would be awesome this winter is getting an accumulation of like three feet or so. I don't remember the last large snow fall we've had, so we need another one of those winters. I'd like it to the get to the point to where only those with 4 wheel drive can get out. To where you physically couldn't go anywhere, it hasn't happened in my life time, I'd say it would be interesting to experience. Maybe I would think different about this topic if it did actually happen, but I don't see it happening, so it's cool to think about.
I thought it would be easier to just post the prices for my stuff on here sense people have been asking about prices. I finally came up with some numbers and I've listed them below. These prices are just what I'm asking, make an offer, I'm open to offers. Otherwise I'll be selling this stuff on Ebay most likely, in the next couple weeks

Asking Price (make an offer)
(2) 200 GB Western Digital 8MB Cache hard drives
$95 each Ebay
160 GB Western Digital 8MB Cache hard drive
$70 SOLD
(4) 512 MB Compact Flash cards
$45 each Ebay
16x Digital Max DVD+-R dual layer burner
(2) DVD-R 50 pack - Value Discs
$25 each Ebay
DVD+R 50 pack - Philip's
DVD+R 50 pack - Dynex
DVD-R 100 pack - CompUSA
$45 Ebay

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