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   01.31.05 || Farewell Handicap Pass

February came in no time. Well at least for me it did. I managed to get myself a handicap parking pass from back in October when I sprained my ankle. For my recovery time it helped me a lot, and it still did, till today. Today was the last day I could use the pass, as it expires last day of January 2005. This rather sucks for me, not because I can't park in the handicap parking spots at Wal-Mart, but because I was able to park right next to the Engineering Building. I mean I parked right next to the back door, so I could leave my apartment and it would take me 8 minutes door to door to get to my class. Now I'll have to suffice with walking, which brings my travel time up to 15 minutes or so. Yes this is driving to class, considering NIU doesn't have ANY busses that go from Eco Park to the Engineering Building. Engineers and also the business people get screwed on the bus deal. Ok, we have an L and R bus that comes, but that takes me back to campus, not to my apartment, it's crap. So needless to say I'll miss this darn pass.

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   01.27.05 || All New WHITEOGRAPHY.com

Wow, what a difference. Thanks to ill-noise enterprises, or just Pete of ill-noise.com I have a new whiteography website. He laid out a total makeover for my site; it has needed it for probably a couple years. So now I have this all new design for whiteography.com. Below is a screenshot of what it used to look like, it's quite a bit different. Thanks again Pete! Updating that has pretty well used up my free time lately, and I still need to add another wedding to the events page, but what is there is done. Anyway I sure love not having class on Thursday's, first time in my life I didn't have school on a weekday, it sure is nice. Well that's all for now, check out WHITEOGRAPHY.COM

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   01.18.05 || Sideways Snow

Hope everyone's first day went well. This semester is going to be rough for me, I can tell already. Check out my schedule posted yesterday if you haven't seen it. I'm so glad everyone is back in town, especially those who don't know how to drive. I like how there is an overwhelming amount of people out in the first week of class, then after that it seems to dither off. We'll see how many people are going to class in a couple weeks. We were also invited back to DeKalb and school with some nice sideways snow.

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   01.17.05 || 2005 GTO

I had to share this: I got pulled over yesterday for drag racing a Chevy Aveo. Yes, an Aveo, just like a Geo Prism, smaller than the Ford Escort. He said I was the lucky one (who he picked to pull over), because we both happened to turn opposite ways after being caught. Well that wasn't the case at all, come on, why would I race an AVEO? I thought it was rather funny, however the non-funny part was he said I was doing 'like 65 in a 35 or 40'. Well where I was at the speed limit was 45, but still that's 20 mph over. I thought I was done for, but he was a nice guy and probably pissed I didn't have anything else on my record, so he let me go with a verbal warning. He said he thought I looked too old to be drag racing, (that was before he got my license). I was lucky, that's for sure. If I was in one of these: 2005 GTO

I probably would have got a ticket. This car is starting to look a lot better, I still like it though, I want to drive the new one, 400 HP, WOW!

Anyway, I finally got something I liked in my window at my apartment. My previous attempts with LED's weren't cutting it, so I designed this new thing, and I think it looks rather swell. With only a blue fluorescent light and white plastic for the lighting, and printable window sheets I made this new look for my window. I think it will get some peoples attention, we'll see. Look at it in person, it looks a lot better, or click for a bigger view. Also for those of us starting back at school tomorrow, good luck, make it better than last semester. If anyone is interested I have my schedule posted online here: Phil's Schedule Spring 05

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   01.15.05 || New Pages

A little change in the look for BMFPhil.com. New navigation bar at the top, including the important links. This way you can access those anywhere on my site. I would also like to point out the Pictures page. I've tried to organize all these different pictures I have on my site. I've got probably around 3000 or so pictures, maybe more, but it's hard to tell, and there wasn't a good way to show people what is what. Hopefully it's easier to navigate. The other new page is the Archives page, this has all the old stuff I've put on my homepage, organized by month. Also new picture from a week ago in downtown Chicago, during the snow we got. The pictures show two helicopters hovering in the same spot for a while, on the way into work one morning. They must have been news helicopters and there probably was a fire or accident they both were covering. The other pictures show snow at the top of the Sears Tower, interesting to see snow stick that high.

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   01.05.05 || First snow of '05

First snowstorm of '05 and I decided to take a stroll in Chicago today after work. Took some things from Christmas back, and walked around downtown. I had to bring along my camera, just the cheap one, the point and shoot, my old Olympus camera. On the way to the store I passed the Daley Center and the tree was still up. So I had to get pictures of that, as well as the Picasso sculpture. I took a few different angles, some came out pretty well. I also had to get some snow pictures, I think this was the first time I've been downtown Chicago while it was snowing, it's quite interesting. After my battery was almost dead from taking too many pictures, I headed back to the train station and headed home. I would have to say this is the first time I've been somewhat scared about driving. I don't know if the back tires on my car are bald or what, but it was squirmy as hell. The roads were horrible in Aurora, I didn't feel like I had control of the car at all. 88 wasn't very good either, I was afraid of losing the little control I had of the car. It wasn't till west of 47 on 88 that the roads got a little cleaner, still bad where it was drifting though. I just had this bad feeling on the way home I was going to get in an accident. I just really wanted to avoid that, and thank goodness I did. Got back just in time to get these pictures on the website, and go to bed, and get to go out in it again tomorrow, at 6 AM.

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Also check out the funny column in todays Red Eye, I put it in my Blog.

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   01.03.05 || Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Traditional party over at Justin's for New Years, and it was fun as usual. Krissy and I stopped over at her friends earlier in the night, but ended the night at Justin's. Lots of people showed up, and if you look at the pictures I think I've captured most of them. I couldn't let anyone down, a total of 366 pictures and 244 online. As always if you like any of these, I will print them for you. Click the picture below to view the pictures.

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