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   01.15.05 || New Pages

A little change in the look for BMFPhil.com. New navigation bar at the top, including the important links. This way you can access those anywhere on my site. I would also like to point out the Pictures page. I've tried to organize all these different pictures I have on my site. I've got probably around 3000 or so pictures, maybe more, but it's hard to tell, and there wasn't a good way to show people what is what. Hopefully it's easier to navigate. The other new page is the Archives page, this has all the old stuff I've put on my homepage, organized by month. Also new picture from a week ago in downtown Chicago, during the snow we got. The pictures show two helicopters hovering in the same spot for a while, on the way into work one morning. They must have been news helicopters and there probably was a fire or accident they both were covering. The other pictures show snow at the top of the Sears Tower, interesting to see snow stick that high.