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   01.17.05 || 2005 GTO

I had to share this: I got pulled over yesterday for drag racing a Chevy Aveo. Yes, an Aveo, just like a Geo Prism, smaller than the Ford Escort. He said I was the lucky one (who he picked to pull over), because we both happened to turn opposite ways after being caught. Well that wasn't the case at all, come on, why would I race an AVEO? I thought it was rather funny, however the non-funny part was he said I was doing 'like 65 in a 35 or 40'. Well where I was at the speed limit was 45, but still that's 20 mph over. I thought I was done for, but he was a nice guy and probably pissed I didn't have anything else on my record, so he let me go with a verbal warning. He said he thought I looked too old to be drag racing, (that was before he got my license). I was lucky, that's for sure. If I was in one of these: 2005 GTO

I probably would have got a ticket. This car is starting to look a lot better, I still like it though, I want to drive the new one, 400 HP, WOW!

Anyway, I finally got something I liked in my window at my apartment. My previous attempts with LED's weren't cutting it, so I designed this new thing, and I think it looks rather swell. With only a blue fluorescent light and white plastic for the lighting, and printable window sheets I made this new look for my window. I think it will get some peoples attention, we'll see. Look at it in person, it looks a lot better, or click for a bigger view. Also for those of us starting back at school tomorrow, good luck, make it better than last semester. If anyone is interested I have my schedule posted online here: Phil's Schedule Spring 05


I share in your pain racing those kinds of wheels, I'm stuck with a pimped-out Saturn.

Posted by: Crash at May 14, 2006 10:29 PM