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   01.05.05 || First snow of '05

First snowstorm of '05 and I decided to take a stroll in Chicago today after work. Took some things from Christmas back, and walked around downtown. I had to bring along my camera, just the cheap one, the point and shoot, my old Olympus camera. On the way to the store I passed the Daley Center and the tree was still up. So I had to get pictures of that, as well as the Picasso sculpture. I took a few different angles, some came out pretty well. I also had to get some snow pictures, I think this was the first time I've been downtown Chicago while it was snowing, it's quite interesting. After my battery was almost dead from taking too many pictures, I headed back to the train station and headed home. I would have to say this is the first time I've been somewhat scared about driving. I don't know if the back tires on my car are bald or what, but it was squirmy as hell. The roads were horrible in Aurora, I didn't feel like I had control of the car at all. 88 wasn't very good either, I was afraid of losing the little control I had of the car. It wasn't till west of 47 on 88 that the roads got a little cleaner, still bad where it was drifting though. I just had this bad feeling on the way home I was going to get in an accident. I just really wanted to avoid that, and thank goodness I did. Got back just in time to get these pictures on the website, and go to bed, and get to go out in it again tomorrow, at 6 AM.

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