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   02.23.05 || Worldwide

I just happened to notice today:

My readership is all across the world. I have a well rounded page that attracts people from all throughout the world. Well, that sounds good doesn't it? Unfortunately its not how it sounds, it's basically just a matter of people searching on Google, usually of stuff they probably don't want, but they come to my page. Those searches were mainly for songs, lots of people think I actually have the MP3 on my website that they can download for free. They come to just be disappointed that it's just a list, no song file, bummer. Sorry its illegal people, I'm not going to get fined for that crap. Anyways, this rather continues last post, but it's just a weird thing I saw today when I was looking around.

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   02.21.05 || Ten Thousand

Well I made it. Right at the end of July last year I switched my hosting company for my website and set up new counters and such for my site. So sense July 31, 2004 I have had 10,000 hits to this page.

I think this is an achievement of my own, not to brag or anything, but I'm happy I made it here. You're probably thinking, 'don't get an ego Phil', but I can be a part of this blogging group that has been somewhat successful. No I don't just have my friends that look at my site, people searching Google, MSN, AOL, etc. all get to my site by searching for different terms. It's weird how people come across my site, rather interesting, to me at least. So I just had to add a little note about this whole 10,000 at the bottom right of my website, it's an achievement of mine. The biggest boost for me was in August 2004 and people coming to my site for the Batman pictures I took downtown Chicago, when they were filming the new movie there. I still get people coming looking for the Batman pictures, and on august 12, 2004, I have almost 1,800 people look at my site. So the first month I had this counter installed on my site I had over 5400 hits. So needless to it took me a couple months to get the other 5000 hits. For those who are still interested and reading this, these hits are unique, if you refresh it doesn't up the number, just an FYI. Otherwise, thanks everyone for being interested in what I've done here.

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   02.08.05 || New Layout

Well, I think its time for an update. I guess I'd like to start off talking about this new layout. It's quite different; I think its working out really well. Obviously people don't come here to read what I have to say, as much as they want to see the pictures, so I've been trying to convert my website to that. As you can see I now have a 'photoblog' which is basically just a picture I have at the top of the page. The point of a photoblog is where I don't type out stuff about it, but more let the photo do the speaking. I'd also like to point out the countdown link added today, and also the new favorite song. On another note, I just wanted to express an opinion of mine that has come up recently. The NIU Job Fair was today at the Convocation Center. In telling people I was going to this, and seeing if they were going I got somewhat of a different view than I would have thought. I would think for us seniors (the other people I've talked to are seniors as well) that any opportunity to get a job after school, they would jump on it. However, this is not the case. I heard the normal "there's nothing for me there" or "I'm not graduating in May, why bother go?" Well I think that is pretty ignorant. First of all do these people think that you can just magically get a job after school without working for it? Second, we all know the job market is slightly slim; wouldn't you want to start early? I won't be graduating till December, but I'm not going to wait till the end of November to start looking for a job, and then just sit around doing nothing when I can't find a job. Granted there's no guarantee I'll get a job even if I do start looking now, but my chances are better. So I guess I consider it rather stupid for seniors (graduating in May OR December) to not take advantage of every thing you can that would help you get a permanent job or an internship, but maybe I'm the stupid one.

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   02.03.05 || Yoshi's Birthday

We all went out for Yoshi's 22nd birthday last night, and I think he had a good time. I think he had a better time at the bar than he did once he got home, but we won't talk about that. It was a pretty eventful night, the Starbusters DJ took him and Kim up to the front and he had a shot, and then the DJ laid him on a stool and random people came and gave him a spanking. Anyway I think the pictures can do the rest of the talking, click the picture below for more. Happy Birthday Yoshi!

Click image for more pictures

On another note I talked to my mom today and she updated me about my dad having heart problems. He's gone through a few stress tests for his heart, and results aren't coming up the way the doctors like, so he's going to do the angiogram, angioplasty, and a few other things to try and fix the problem. Hopefully it will be fixed with the first few, but if none of those work then he'll have to have bypass open heart surgery. I'm not sure the details or what that all means, I just hope for the best. This angioplasty possibly surgery is scheduled for February 14th. I suppose after that day I'll know more.

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