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   06.13.05 || If I Were A Rich Man

Growing up I’m sure we all heard our parents talk about the ‘new’ music these days, mostly how their old music, which originally came out when they were in high school, is being recreated and made into new and ‘hip’ music today. Well today comes the day I say, what is with this new music? I heard “Gwen Stefani – Rich Girl” on the radio yesterday and I’m like, oh, so she’s copying old songs now too. First of all this is a sign of laziness, the artists today cannot make new lyrics, new music; they have to take old stuff and remake it to a newer 21st century beat. Now granted “If I Were A Rich Man” came out around 1964 in the infamous play Fiddler on the Roof, I wasn’t around, but being in the videography business I just recorded this production, and have seen it probably around 50 times in editing and making the videos for it. So being well familiar with this song, I noticed it right away, and realized, yep, she’s gotten lazy lately. Now she’ll make money on a song 40 years old. I can’t say that the song sounds bad, or she (or her sound crew) didn’t do a good job, its just sad we have to repeat songs, just add a different singer and little different beat.


that song annoys me to no end now. I can't decide if I like it or not. Or which words to sing along with, in my head. usually "rich man" comes out and I say damn you Gwen Steffani, does anyone else know you stole the song? and darn you phil for pointing it out!

Posted by: krissy at June 28, 2005 10:08 PM