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   10.26.05 || Epona Farm Horse Barn Fire Update

I just found a picture of what the barn at Epona Farm looked like before it burnt, amazing! This was the barn fire in Kaneville/Elburn i took a couple weeks ago. Still no word on the cause of the fire, probably wont know for months, if not years. I've added text on the picture to try and give a perspective of what happend and where I was at.

Epona Farm Website

The old pictures and info are here, and here.

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   10.19.05 || Moon

So Krissy randomly told me to come outside, rather weird I thought, but as I look up there’s this huge ring around the moon. Pretty interesting, she said it is ice crystals around the moon, and the dot just below the moon is Mars. Interesting, here's a picture of it: Moon.

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   10.16.05 || White Sox


Ok, so I'm not a Sox fan, I'm not a traitor, CBB all the way (Cubs-Bears-Bulls) but I have to say I have been watching the games recently. It’s amazing how many people are erupting here that the Sox are doing good, I mean the cheering at the wedding I videoed yesterday after the DJ said the Sox won, was just crazy. Anyways, I'm not a sports guru by far, visit Pete for that, but I think its pretty cool a Chicago team is in the World Series.

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   10.13.05 || Video on the iPod?

iPod nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Color, what now? The new iPod. Just a month ago I talked about the new iPod child, the iPod nano, and now they have the newest technology. Not only do people need to carry multi-thousands of songs with them everywhere, they need to watch their favorite TV show on-the-go as well. The newest iPod allows this, 150 hours of video?

Click picture to go to Apple

Myself, I'm waiting for the iPod CELL. Yes the ultimate cell phone that takes high quality pictures, shoots video, plays/records music, and has a huge amount of storage. Oh, and I want the starting price to be a nice $99. When you release that, Apple, let me know. Thanks.

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   10.10.05 || Another Litter

August 27, 2005 we had another 4 kitten litter. The black one went to her new home today, but as of today we still have a grey and orange kitten available, for the first taker. Here's a picture for those who have been asking.

The other three kittens we had all found homes.

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   10.04.05 || Elburn Horse Barn Fire

Driving east on 38 coming back from the Geneva area I see this large cloud of black smoke in the air, probably could see it 20 miles back. As I get closer I realize this isn’t a small little bonfire, this has to be something serious. Just east of 47 on 38 there was the source, it is behind Kaneville school, so I was wondering what it was, obviously they wouldn’t let me close to it, even though I could’ve got lots better pictures, I had to shoot from like a half mile away. It looked like a brick building from looking at it, so I was wondering if it was part of the school or what. I had to call and find out, and I talked to the Elburn police, and it was just a horse barn. Looking at the pictures on the computer afterwards, I realized it was just a tin building, a pole building. It was a rather large ‘horse barn’ though, not your normal garage.

Above you can see an overall picture of the barn, rather long, lots of firemen over there.

More flames and fire trucks.

A little closer view, you can see the flames shooting out the top.

In order to get water to this rural house they had to bring it by truck. One firefighter/helper said there were 12 fire trucks from the area moving water from the school fire hydrant to spray on this building.

These are a few of the trucks that whizzed by, off to get filled up with water.

I'm not sure how much is left, if anything, of this building, its pretty well burnt, and melted. The policeman at the station didn’t know of anything inside, as of anyone hurt or any horses hurt.

An even bigger picture is available here.

UPDATE 10/7/05:
It is not Elburn there, it is Kaneville, IL. So... Kaneville Horse Barn Fire.

I saw in the Northern Star a report that 32 horses died in the blaze, below are links to other articles.

Chicago Sun-Times Article

Beacon News Article

Update again 10/26/05

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