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   11.22.05 || X-Waste-Of-Money-box 360

I guess I won’t understand the mind of a huge gamer. I'm sorry but getting to Wal-Mart Sunday (11/20) at about 1:30 PM, and sitting there, sleeping there, just to be first in line for the Xbox 360 is just not worth it. Yep, DeKalb Wal-Mart had a camper in their store, that person who wanted to make sure they spent upwards of $400 for a new game console.

Krissy and I, trying to avoid Wal-Mart at all cost, ventured our way in there looking for a measly screen (which they didn’t have) and there is a line throughout Wal-Mart. I asked one of the “may I help you” people if that line was indeed for the Xbox at midnight, and it sure was. The funny thing is he said that Wal-Mart had 47 units, and there were at least 75 people in line, sitting in folding chairs Wal-Mart provided, waiting for their Xbox more than 4 hours later.

I did get to see the graphics and play a demo of it at Target though, and I'd say the graphics are impressive, but surely not $400 worth.

I know it’s surprising, but no, I would not stand in line to pay full price for even a new camera/lens release. Oh, and for those who are buying this $400 white box, you fools, you’ve got to have something better to do than play video games.

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   11.17.05 || "Surprise" Birthday Party

After taking me out to dinner, Krissy rather surprised me with a party. It was supposed to be a surprise party, sure, and not that Yoshi and Chrissy yelling surprise when I walked in wasn’t a surprise, but what was more of a surprise was the amount of people who showed up after that. I realize in a college town not many people have a better thing to do on a Saturday night, than go to a party, but I thought it was pretty fun, and eventful. Thanks Krissy, and all those who came! And as always, here’s the pictures.

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   11.16.05 || Here's To You

Today we salute you Mr. Anonymous PhotoFill.com Reader.
Without your undying commitment, we might find ourselves in extreme boredom, knowing where you came from.
(Oh, I need you now!)
Like a brave soldier, you storm hostile territory delivering much needed stats to the site.
Should you check out one picture? Or two? Or look at every picture on this site.
(Keep clickin’!)
While others rest, you can't… because somewhere there's a guy with no internet, dying to do some random clicking.
(Click! Click! Click!)
So crack open an ice-cold winter picture, master of anonymous clicking because if you don’t click, there would be no pictures to click.
(Is there anybody out there?)

Yes, for those who come back here, yet haven’t talked to me in weeks, or months (you know who you are) let me fill you in (also I don’t want to type this over and over). Today I had an interview at TOX Pressotechnik (www.tox-us.com), a company who makes presses for many different applications. Such as that box you’re sitting next to (your computer case) or heat shields or many other thin metal uses. They have what’s called “TOX-ing” which is a process of attaching two metals by pressing them in spots somewhat like rivets, but without using rivets. They make presses and stamping for other applications, but their primary business deals with an alternative to welding or riveting.

I would be a design engineer there, taking a project from beginning to end. Using their supply of in house made presses, I would be designing the tooling, and equipment needed to “TOX” pieces together, and possibly many other pressing processes such as bending, stamping, etc. They are a company with divisions primarily in Germany (where they’re based), and Asia and their smallest division is here in the US. Every project is rather different, customers coming to them wanting different things, but I would be designing (on the computer) then moving to assembling (just in the back of the building) then to shipment to the customer. Obviously I would start out with smaller jobs, them move to bigger, more complicated jobs (like the new Dell Computer server case they showed me) once I got experience.

The interview went quite well, I felt better about this one than I did with Cat-i Glass, however that really seems to not matter. They were very friendly people, and I think I may have at least a foot in the door because they did like some things I've done in past internships, and experience. I found this job online, not through NIU, so no connections to this job at all. They liked me by my resume and brought me in. It was mentioned that I was the first to interview, and they were just starting their interview process, for hiring first of next year. They gave me a ‘couple month’ deciding time, however they could and quite possibly might decide earlier. I will be contacting him after thanksgiving, so I’ll know more then, however otherwise I think the interview went quite well.

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   11.11.05 || Birthday List

So its coming about that time of year again, my birthday is coming up in three days. Like last year, I wanted to give a birthday list for all my readers, yes all three of you.

Ok we’ll start out with number one, I had a Pontiac GTO last year, but I’ll go a little cheaper for ya, how about a Grand Prix GXP.

Oh, and I’ll take the built in GPS with Tap Shift too please.

Alright I suppose that wont work for your budget, ok, I'll drop the price quite a bit, how about a Canon 10-22/3.5-4.5 EF-S USM lens. It’s good for the budget wise people.

Alright, I know your feeling generous, so we’ll add the Canon 17-85/4.0-5.6 EF-S IS USM lens.

And lets not forget the Canon 70-300/4.0-5.6 EF IS USM lens, it make a perfect pair with the 17-85.

Ok, people, now you have a couple days to grab these, they are available at Helix Camera at the Yorktown mall, or online at www.bhphotovideo.com. Thanks a bunch!

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   11.09.05 || Original Numa Numa Dance

People have sent me links to other people trying to copy this original Numa Numa Dance. If you’ve seen in you’ll know what I'm talking about: two Asian guys in red jerseys singing to some Backstreet or similar song in a webcam. I mean come on, are you guys trying to fool people into thinking you’re the originator of that? Sorry but I would say most people who see your version have already seen the original Numa Numa Dance. Also I say Original Numa Numa, because this is the one I saw first, not with all that other crap in it. Where did that come from Gary? The Wikipedia tells the story about Gary Brolsma, the originator, back December 12, 2004. In seeing so many of the versions with all the garbage added on, I had to make sure some of us could see the Original Numa Numa Dance.

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   11.06.05 || Birthday Bash

So Pete decided to do something a little different for his birthday party: get a hotel and go to some Chicago bars. I think it was a great idea, and after getting to the hotel one of his buddies hooked us up with, it’s something we should do more often. Anyways, Pete has this long description of what went on (somewhat exaggerated) on his site.

Click for more pictures

As he’s stated, I didn’t want to let him down, so I had to be the photographer for the day. So yea, thanks everyone for a good time, and Happy Birthday (on Tuesday) Pete!

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