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   09.13.06 || House Project #1

Our first project for the house is completed.

Being there was no place to put laundry detergent or any other laundry items I found the need for a shelf. I know I didn’t want a cheap plastic shelf that would only bend in the middle in a month, I thought a nice sturdy shelf that was out of the way, didn’t take any valuable basement real estate, above the washer/dryer would be perfect.

After a couple trips to Mendards, and a couple hundred dollars, I had myself the wood to make the shelf.

You ask why would I spend a couple hundred dollars on a shelf when I could buy one for a lot less? Well what is the fun of that?

No, I didn’t spend a couple hundred on the shelf itself, it was around $25, but the tools and saws to build the shelf was the expensive part. I knew I would eventually need to get these items, 10” sliding compound miter saw, sawhorses with a 2x12 as the top, etc. So I got the 2x4’s, 2x12 and kit to build my sawhorses, a nice 42 inches off the ground (measure that out, stand next to it you’ll see how nice and tall that is). One of the sawhorses supports my new 10” sliding compound miter saw, other sawhorse for holding projects. I'd also like to mention that all these 8’ boards and saw fit into my Grand Am, gotta love fold down back seats.

Building the shelf probably took a couple hours, but making the sawhorses before I could build the shelf took the longest. Painting the shelf, making it look all nice also took a couple days and a couple coats. The color of the shelf is the color that the stairway walls were painted, so we color coordinate.

So thanks to Krissy for her help, she now has a shelf to put her laundry detergent we now have a shelf for laundry detergent.

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