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   10.30.06 || Annual Year End List

Many have asked, requested, inquired: What does Phil want for his birthday and Christmas? Here's your answer folks. I know you all will mark these items on your shopping lists. Seems like this is a yearly - thing. I mean c'mon it's my 25th, quarter century, birthday.

I'm still waiting for the GTO, they now have a bigger engine in them, so more the reason to buy it for me now.


If that's a little too much, I'll drop it a few dollars. A Grand Prix will do, but unlike 2005 wish list, now I would like the Grand Prix GXP with the in dash GPS navigation, Blue please, with leather. Here's what it should look like when you're finished ordering it:


If you can't get the car, at least this for my current vehicle will suffice:

The Garmin Nuvi 660 please.


We'll keep going down for you, next is a lens, Canon 10-22mm lens, very inexpensive.

So you ask where can I get it? www.bhphotovideo.com has a great deal on them, $15 rebate too, woohoo you.


Minaswell add this one to your cart on B&H while your at it:

Canon 580 EX flash.


Who wouldn't have this on their list.

Phil wants to join the crowd? No, not I, I would use it for picture backup, there are readers I can use with it for pictures. Sure music is nice too. I'll need the 80 GB, 30 GB is just not enough, plus for $100 more it's worth it.


Still too much? Alright, a HP Color LaserJet 2600n Printer, this has many uses, something I will probably buy eventually anyways.

Oh, this is also $60 cheaper if you buy it at Sam's Club, otherwise you know where you can get it.


This is going to be a must have, something I can really use. Not only something I need, but something to play with as well.

Final Cut Express HD


Next, well we'll switch gears, how about a table saw, something like this:

It'll have to be foldable/collapsible, so I can put it away, a Craftsman isn't too bad..


Or if that's still too much, we'll go really cheap, how bout woodworking plan books? These would be books like this:

Except maybe with furniture plans, like a really nice corner computer desk plan? Shelving? Small furniture projects? How about those in the book?


There is way to much to list on here for things I'd like for the house, but here's one. A under cabinet light set for the kitchen (Florescent lights!, not hot halogens or dim LED's). Not sure if this is more for me, or for Krissy. I guess for both, I want what makes her happy. These light sets look like this:

Click the picture to go to a site that has the units I'm talking about. Krissy and I saw the lights at Meijer, they're much more reasonable priced, and you can also get it in a kit, 3 lights with the wiring and mounting.


Hmm… How about a small digital scale, like 5 or 10 lb scale that measures in ounces?


Something I've probably needed for a while. A new battery powered beard (or gotee) trimmer.

Something like that, they have a lot of nice kits out, many different heads. One with a universal head, for a couple different lenghts would be nice.


This is really cool, and useful for bike rides. I already have the GPS unit, just need the mounting bracket.

I made it easy for ya, click on the picture to order it. I saw a smaller all plastic one for about half the price before, but now I can't find it. This one is the same idea though.


Also 3 of these cases for Digital8 tapes would be nice (I have 95 tapes to store):

www.tapeandmedia.com has these at a reasonable price.

I guess I should stop now, I mean I don't want to make it seem like I'm a needy person.

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   10.24.06 || Fuzion HRi

After 6 months I finally got rid of those POS Goodyear’s. I've had a few experiences with Goodyear tires, and they’ve all been bad. There were a number of problems with the tires on my car: bad traction, even in dry weather, really bad in wet weather, not a very stable ride, squeak at low speed (I’ll explain below), all around horrible tire.

I was happy to replace these tires, haven’t liked them sense I got the car. I decided, after a long time debating, to get Bridgestone/Firestone Fuzion HRi tires to replace the stock Goodyear’s. They seemed like a decently rated tire on TireRack.com where I got them.

I tell you, the first 50 miles I've put on the tires, they’re impressive. Very nice ride, smooth, good traction wet and dry (haven’t checked snow yet for obvious reasons). Granted the Goodyear’s were low on tread, they still got horrible traction even on dry pavement.

One of the main things I like about the new tires is that the stock Goodyear tires that came on the 2002 Pontiac Grand Am’s (and a few other years I believe) had a problem where the tire would actually rub against the wheel, which made a squeak, or rubber crunching sound at speeds lower than 25 or so. This was magnified if the pressure was low, and if you put the tire up to ~45 psi the squeak will almost go away. Given that the pressure in the tires is supposed to be at 30 psi, running it 15 psi higher is not so good. The original owner of the car gave me the info about it and said it would go away once I put tires on it, which it did. It is only the couple Goodyear models available for that car that would squeak.

So needless to say this was a necessary-want, happy I finally got ‘em on.

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   10.22.06 || NYC Weekend Getaway

Well I got through all 997 pictures from the 9 day trip to New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.

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I had a business trip out there, that I needed to do some trainings and inspections and such, and it was just too much for one single week, so I took advantage and stayed out there the weekend. This worked out perfectly because airfare was cheap for Krissy to come out, so we made it a weekend getaway. Last minute planned trip that went very well, lots of fun.

We had everything going for us, to make it even better Meg, a friend of Pete's who I met at John's wedding, lives out there, and gave us a tour of Manhattan, as any NYC resident could. It was very nice of her to spend the day, walk around Manhattan with us. (Thanks again Meg!)

There are lots of pictures here, as usual. Lots of them taken by Krissy. I know you want to look at all of them, do it in stages if you need to.

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   10.16.06 || Long Time No Talk

I know folks it been a long time since I’ve posted something here, believe me there is lots going on, just no time to type it and post it here. Here’s a quick update, just finished uploading pictures from the latest event, a community theatre play. I've mostly been working lately, Telma work, Photo/Video work, House work. I can't wait to have a weekend free, been a long time.

Next picture posting will be my New York pictures. Hard to believe it’s been almost 4 weeks ago I was there, time just flies by. Now they are old news but for Meg’s sake I will get them up, I know she’s been dying to see them.

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