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   10.22.06 || NYC Weekend Getaway

Well I got through all 997 pictures from the 9 day trip to New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.

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I had a business trip out there, that I needed to do some trainings and inspections and such, and it was just too much for one single week, so I took advantage and stayed out there the weekend. This worked out perfectly because airfare was cheap for Krissy to come out, so we made it a weekend getaway. Last minute planned trip that went very well, lots of fun.

We had everything going for us, to make it even better Meg, a friend of Pete's who I met at John's wedding, lives out there, and gave us a tour of Manhattan, as any NYC resident could. It was very nice of her to spend the day, walk around Manhattan with us. (Thanks again Meg!)

There are lots of pictures here, as usual. Lots of them taken by Krissy. I know you want to look at all of them, do it in stages if you need to.


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Posted by: Bob at October 24, 2006 02:07 AM