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   10.24.06 || Fuzion HRi

After 6 months I finally got rid of those POS Goodyear’s. I've had a few experiences with Goodyear tires, and they’ve all been bad. There were a number of problems with the tires on my car: bad traction, even in dry weather, really bad in wet weather, not a very stable ride, squeak at low speed (I’ll explain below), all around horrible tire.

I was happy to replace these tires, haven’t liked them sense I got the car. I decided, after a long time debating, to get Bridgestone/Firestone Fuzion HRi tires to replace the stock Goodyear’s. They seemed like a decently rated tire on TireRack.com where I got them.

I tell you, the first 50 miles I've put on the tires, they’re impressive. Very nice ride, smooth, good traction wet and dry (haven’t checked snow yet for obvious reasons). Granted the Goodyear’s were low on tread, they still got horrible traction even on dry pavement.

One of the main things I like about the new tires is that the stock Goodyear tires that came on the 2002 Pontiac Grand Am’s (and a few other years I believe) had a problem where the tire would actually rub against the wheel, which made a squeak, or rubber crunching sound at speeds lower than 25 or so. This was magnified if the pressure was low, and if you put the tire up to ~45 psi the squeak will almost go away. Given that the pressure in the tires is supposed to be at 30 psi, running it 15 psi higher is not so good. The original owner of the car gave me the info about it and said it would go away once I put tires on it, which it did. It is only the couple Goodyear models available for that car that would squeak.

So needless to say this was a necessary-want, happy I finally got ‘em on.


Just an update, yes these are awesome tires, dry, wet, snow everything. They are impressive even in deep snow (8-10 inches) being they are road/performance tires. These are way better than the crappy Goodyear, and now I have like 10k miles on them.

Posted by: Photo Phil at March 7, 2007 10:04 PM