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   01.28.07 || House Problem #2: Furnace Not working

Solution: Leave it to an engineer to try and figure out what is wrong with his furnace before he calls some guy to come out and push a button and charge him $100 to do that. “If there is a button to be pushed, I am going to push it!” Yes, that’s me talking in third person.

The problem was the furnace would stop working all of a sudden. Krissy and I would come home find the house at 63 degrees, when it is set for 70. Not a good thing, especially when a coworker who lives near me has just spent $4300 to replace his furnace and water heater, and his is only 5 years old, mine is 8 years old. Uh Oh.

Well this has been going on for a couple weeks now, I found a solution, I thought, turn the breaker for the furnace off and then back on, and the furnace would operate as usual. The problem still remained though, I would have to do this every couple days, as well as keep tract to see if the furnace was working or not.

Just today I’m at my desk, which is downstairs right by the furnace, and I hear it doing something suspicious. Looking at it, I can see that it is igniting the burners, and then turning off soon after. It would do this a few times, and then do some blink code. Well to Google I go, and find out that this is an “Ignition Lockout” Failure. After some research I find the solution, “Clean the flame sensor with some steel wool or a steel brush” they say. Ok, sounds good … um, what is the ‘flame sensor’? Well I looked a little more, duh, it’s got to be this goofy rod sticking up into the flame.

Looks like I've found the solution, I hope. Only time will tell, but as of now the furnace is working.

(Oh, House Problem #1 was a broken spring on my garage door, I didn't post about that though, old news now.)

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   01.21.07 || Da Bears

Call it fair-weather, call it a bad fan, yes I’m a Bears fan. No I’m not popping out of the woodwork and calling myself a Bears fan just because they are doing well, I’m just not a every day/weekend sports fan. I’ll watch the games when they’re doing good, but not every game.

Bears. Bulls. Cubs.

Back in the day yes, I almost watched every Bulls game, but not so much anymore. I guess you can’t call me a diehard fan like Pete. I don’t know specific plays, players’ names, status, etc. like a diehard fan; honestly, I don’t have the time for that.

So the Super Bowl is around the corner, and as every year yes I’ll be watching it. However this year is a little different, I wont be watching it just for the commercials this year, maybe for the game as well.

So this year we get a bonus, good team and good commercials.


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   01.04.07 || House Project #3: Install Microwave

Nothing is easy when it comes to project around the house, and installing a microwave above the stove is no different. Now I’m not saying it was hard, just more work than it really should be.

Krissy and I got a over the stove microwave for Christmas from my parents. What happened to the good toys for Christmas, like a new iPod or camera or computer???? -- Those were the days, now I’m excited about a new microwave

Starting out we see the old fan/light hood that was there:

Then tear that out and find a big hole in the wall.

It looks like they didn’t put the wire through in the right spot, so had to move the wire accordingly to hook up the fan hood.

This only means now I have to add an outlet in the cabinet for the microwave to plug into. More work, which should already be there.

After a couple drilling of holes in the cabinet and new outlet installation, we have an installed microwave.

Cut up the cabinet a bit, but it all looks clean from the outside. Now there is an outlet inside the cabinet.

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   01.01.07 || Guy Advice # 142

When at a New Years Eve party, and you have a fight with your girlfriend about her dancing with her girlfriends brother, ask the advice of a guy standing next to you at the bar waiting for a drink.

And if he gives good advice: Pay Him $5.

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