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   04.24.07 || Cubs Game Photos

Thanks to Pete for getting me tickets to the Cubs game on Sunday. I was planning on going on Saturday, but his mom gave him tickets for Sunday from a coworker of hers who couldn't go, so it worked out perfect.

It was my first Cubs game, I was a Cub virgin I know, too bad they lost, it was still fun though. As usual I did take photos:

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<< Cliff Floyd photo also in Photoblog! 4.24.07

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   04.21.07 || House Project #4: Build Shelf/Drawers

This project started when the drawer set that matched my new desk, which was about 10 inches too short for my desk is $150. I decided why pay $150 for something I really didn’t like anyways?

So what am I do to? Well what else but build my own! So it started on paper, sketches of what I wanted. Then I created a 3D CAD drawing of the correct dimensions of everything.

And after a few weeks of trying to get plywood to my house (4x8 sheet of plywood just does not fit in the Grand AM very well), and finding time to actually build these shelf/drawer units, we have the final product:

Yes Mac and PC get along in the same cube, they haven’t fought yet.

Custom built computer shelf and drawer, and printer shelf and drawers. Project complete.

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   04.16.07 || What if...? Why didn't they...?

Oh gees, let me start by saying it's terrible for those who lost their lives, and their families. So sad.

Ok. Nuff said.

Now look at all the people who will ask:

What if…? Why didn’t they…?

Mr. Police Chief, why didn’t you shut down the campus before that shooter went to the classroom and shot 30 more people?!?

That is the question of 2007 I think. It’s rather stupid too. Ok, so why didn’t that policeman stop that drunk driver before he crashed into another car and killed 4 people?

This question probably will be discussed for the next few months, and I haven’t heard it that much, but I’m tired of it already.

Leave them alone, they did the best they could given what they were faced with.

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