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   06.10.07 || Mica

So Krissy finally got her life long dream: a puppy. I was hoping not to get some ugly dog or one who I could mop the floor with. This one she picked out was a pretty decent dog. Calm personality, friendly, etc. The story behind him is we got him from a lady in Woodridge, she says her mom has like 5 acres in MI and breeds her 5 dogs like twice a year. So this was the last one out of this years litter, a 8 week old male Chihuahua-Dachshund mix, also known as a Chiweenie. So why the name Mica? Well, remember, Krissy is a geologist, mica is a sometimes black mineral. Answer your question?

So we’ve had it three days, and it is pretty well crate/kennel trained. He likes to go in there to sleep, and goes in on his own, so it is going good so far.

So here’s Mica:

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I’ll also be updating the pictures in this album when I take new pictures of Mica, so look there for updates!

<<You can also see Mica in the Photoblog!: 6.10.07

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