Hey! Thanks for visiting my website. Feel free to look around, and send me an email. This website, created by me, is to tell some things about me. I am trying to make this site self explanatory and easy to navigate through, so if you find any problems please tell me! There are many things that are personal on my site, so be nice! Enjoy!

Little about me:
I am a student at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL. I have an apartment here. I am studying Mechanical Engineering, and I am a junior. I am 21 years old (yes I lived) and six foot seven inches tall. I grew up in Aurora, IL, then moved to Yorkville, IL, which is where we are currently at.

My site is boring, I know, but how do I change it? Well...thats where you come in. Let me know of ideas you have, what to put here, what new designs you want to see, anything else? Until then all you'll get is this ole boring site.

Any questions/problems with my site please contact me at:
old email....


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