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   04.30.04 || Height Comparison

Can't sleep, keep coughing, I guess I had to do something productive. So I worked on my website, like any other normal person would do, right? Not even close, I know, but I wanted to play around with this little comparison chart I found, click on it, you'll find it interesting/funny/dumb. Yes these are all correct heights, seriously.

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   04.26.04 || 2004 NIU Mens Tugs

Tugs. Pretty simple idea, also known as 'tug-of-war' but not when it comes to Greeks. To them Tugs is a life or death thing. It is a pretty crazy event, I took pictures at all their matches, all last week. I have quite a few pictures on Northern Stars website; Photo gallery 4/19, 4/21, and 4/23. Pretty interesting, and crazy event, I guess you would have to see it for yourself to understand.

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   04.20.04 || Steriogram

What a crazy weekend, not a day went by that I didn't have many things to do. So finally I got caught up and have lots of new pictures to get on my website. First off Friday was the Phantom Planet concert, Steriogram and Mates of State were there. The best part of all Steriogram came out to party with us at Justin's. Steriogram has their own website; you can also find them on MTV's website. I've also put a few pictures from the concert here.

Saturday was an experience for me also. Dad and I had a wedding to take pictures, I was shooting video therefore couldn't take too many pictures. What was different was it was an older couple. It was an interesting wedding, definitely something different. We did get some digital pictures, which I put on whiteography.com, under 'events'. New subdomain added: events.whiteography.com

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   04.15.04 || Photo Slideshow

So I had to try out the new slideshow feature on my Mac. This is the same program I use to make DVD's for my wedding business. It took long enough, but it looks pretty cool. This is a screenshot of the DVD menu. The DVD includes most the pictures from my Spring Break in Florida this year. It has slideshows of the pictures, with music in the background. If you would like to see this DVD, let me know.

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   04.12.04 || New Music Playlist

Whew, after lots of organizing and figuring out my program for organizing my music, I finally have the lists updated. The lists included are for your reference, some people wonder what I listen to; well here's a little taste. My music.

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   04.11.04 || William Hung

Oh this guy is great. Ya know he's better than that Aiken guy. He signs from his heart guys! Ha, what a joke, just like Aiken. Listen to this...

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   04.09.04 || Spring Flowers

Since I got this new camera I have been waiting for spring. I enjoy taking nature pictures, especially flowers. In my daily walk to the EB (Engineering Building) I found these flowers, a little inkling that spring is starting, how exciting.

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   04.08.04 || Whiteography Business Card

We finally have an actual business card. Not the ones you buy and print out yourself. The text and anything blue on the card has texture, looks pretty and feels pretty cool I think. What you think of the looks? If you'd like to hand some out, I'll gladly give you some!

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   04.07.04 || Rewired

Some might say it wasn't worth it, but I spent from like 4 PM yesterday till around midnight working on my car. The problem is I have a nice head unit (CD player) in my car, but it still sounds like crap. So I though maybe it was the wire, but didn't think it made that much of a difference. I did talk to a guy in my class who set up his whole car with a system and he said try and replace the wire, so I thought why not. After 8 hours, and lots of work I ran new wire from the head unit to my rear speakers. It sounds awesome now. It actually sounds more like it should, I wish it was more, but hey, the car is 15 years old can't ask for too much. The problem was the factory used really small wire and with such a distance from the front to back it had lots of resistance (as learned in my ELE210 class). I had to tear out the seat and side panels of the inside, just to run the wire, well to make it look good. So for those who haven't seen a back seat out, or need help wiring their car, I can help… maybe.

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   04.03.04 || Accident Update

Just to let you all know, updates down on the accident 3.27.04. It's lots of reading I know but it's worth it. To sum it up though, he died Tuesday.

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