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   05.22.04 || Shizzolator

What a lucky person I was to get a virus on my computer this week. I got some sort of boot sector virus, which basically meant I couldn't start up my computer. After reformatting, reinstalling mostly everything, I'm back up now. Don't think I lost anything though; all my files are still in tact. Today was a lazy day; I've been spending all day getting my computer back, downloading songs and other computer stuff. I came across Snoop's website which I found rather funny.

To view my site with a whole different view, look at the text, it's changed, rather funny too.

"We offer videos on Porno Disc"
"Informative Shiznit:"
photographer.whiteography.com "
From then on that shiznit's history n' shit. ..."

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   05.14.04 || TTX Summer Internship

First week is finally done. Getting up at 5 AM and leaving by 6 AM and not getting to work till 8 AM, then leaving work at 4 PM and not getting back till after 6 PM makes for a long day. Anywho for those who don't know about my summer internship, I'm working at TTX again, for the second summer. TTX owns about 127,000 freight train cars. As I tell everyone, next time you see a freight train look at the bottom of the car, if it is yellow look for TTX written right on it. As for what I do there, I work in the research department. I do a lot of data analysis, we run multiple tests on these train cars, trying to reduce vibrations, damage to the cars, and well try to reduce derailing. As we all know a train derailing isn't a little accident, so we try to stop that before it happens. Also due to multiple factors that I can tell you later if you're more interested, trains tend to have vibrations that ruin their loads. Such as automobiles, shaking automobiles during shipment isn't a good thing. That's a little gist of what I do, if you have any more questions you can email me at work Philip_White@ttx.com. Please email me!

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   05.06.04 || Whiteography Event added

Finally got a chance to work on the wedding pictures from Saturday. Finals are all over for me, yay! We'll see how the semester went after I get my grades. For now I get the joy of getting ready for work which starts Monday. So I wanted to get the wedding from last weekend up, and I did, we got all the pictures on CD this time, they look pretty good. Click the picture, you can see more pictures from this wedding, I put a bunch online.

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   05.03.04 || New Video Camera

Saturday we had a wedding, photography and videography. This wedding was the first wedding I used our new video camera on. Wow I like this camera. It does a tremendous job in low light, which is what I need it for. I don't use any lights at the reception, and it's rather dark when the lights are dimmed, so this performs really well. The picture quality is far superior to my old video camera too. I'm just over all very pleased with my new camera.

Sony DCR-VX2100

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