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   02.28.06 || What's the Future of Engineers?

This is all too true. The grad students sure weren’t white folks.

Which is why I don't even expect on going back to grad school for Engineering. This kind of reminds me of the topic on Ill-Noise. Where is our knowledge going these days? I know many people who come here (USA) for the education, and leave and go back to their own country once they got thier degree.

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   02.10.06 || Yay Cook County Cigarette Tax!

Tax for cigarettes should go up at least $5 a pack. I love that new Cook County cigarette tax, it’s great. Maybe some people will get the clue and stop. Maybe not. Nope, too ignorant for that, they’ll just complain, maybe boycott.

Being somewhat allergic and really annoyed by cigarette smoke I’m rather all for a smoking ban and raising the taxes on cigarettes. I would like to have a smoke free bar, I could actually spend more time in there, and not have to leave so I can breathe. Also coming home smelling of smoke is not very pleasant. I’m hoping next we can get the smoking ban state wide to get through. Look at it this way; at least we’ll have less cancer?

On another note in my daily commute to work I usually have to listen to Mancow in the morning. He had someone on who is suing the government or someone to get a law in place to make it illegal to say “Got Bless You” after someone sneezes. He says that is not diverse and forces your god on them. I guess this stems from an actual court case, surprising, but who knows what people will do in this country.

He wants to make that illegal and what you have to say instead is “Your God Bless You” (or something similar, can’t remember exactly). Either way that is BS, what is even better is the punishment for saying the illegal one is 3 days in jail for the first offence, $100 fine and 3 days in jail for the second offence, and the third offence they are still figuring out.

What has this country come to? I’m telling you this comic is going to be true some day in America.

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