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   03.21.06 || Maturation

All the good memories come when I read Pete's blog about our baby websites. Yes those websites we did and look at now and are like, we did those, man were we clueless. It’s been two years since he got his domain, ill-noise.com. I first got my whiteography.com domain back December 11, 2002. The main reason getting a domain was for the photography and videography business, but then my personal interest got me into bmfphil.com, and then now into photofill.com moving the root URL from a text blog, to a photo/text blog, and now only photo, with text as another page.

It’s amazing to see where we have come, what advances we’ve brought on, and how little we knew back then.

Beginning my life and having the full time job, doesn’t give me the free time I used to have. I can’t say I don’t like the working life; I think I’m too mature for the college life anymore. I don’t enjoy the drinking and partying as much anymore. I have goals, things I would like to achieve. Running my own business, having a full time engineering position that gives me a chance to see the country, all pursue me to do better. I do have a passion for photography, I enjoy it. Therefore going to weddings, being a photographer is my weekend thing, not hitting up the local bar.

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