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   06.09.06 || Grill Nest

Unpacking is still going well. I’ve been spending some time traveling for work so I haven’t been home this week to work on organizing and unpacking. I just have been really busy with work, weddings, and picture/video stuff so it doesn’t leave much time for anything else. The last couple weekends we’ve had family and those friends who have made it out here to see the house, so I’ve got use my grill a couple times. Well this is what nature thinks of my grill.

Needless to say I need to get a grill cover to keep the birds from making nests in my grill, and pooping all over the sides.

I've found a lot of stuff I still need, mostly simple stuff, just need to get it. The only thing major Krissy and I haven’t decided on yet is furniture. There are a few options of getting used stuff, and maybe we will, but we are also considering getting some new furniture. I basically have 3 living/family rooms that I can put furniture in, two ‘family rooms’ that have a TV. What I call the ‘backroom’ because it can’t be confused with the ‘frontroom’, and also downstairs where there is another family/living room. I could call that the entertainment room because the previous owners had put speaker wire in the walls and everything for surround sound. Anyways the planning is still taking place, along with the many other summer things going on, ‘tis going well.

I also took out the first casualty in the house today. Somehow there was a dead mouse in the garage, right under my right front tire when I back into my garage. Krissy noticed it today, it was run over, I don’t know why the mouse would dive under my tire as I was pulling out for work this morning, but it sure got squashed.

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   06.01.06 || PhotoFill Home

I couldn’t wait to get to the new house, closing was on Friday, and I brought the truck with the trailer full of stuff to move in after closing. We got one load in the house, and then headed up to Krissy's aunts and got more items. That took all day to get up to Waukegan with the truck, so we got back and unloaded and couldn’t stay because we hadn’t got our bed.

Saturday was the big day for internet/TV, and delivery of the new bed. Dad and I had a wedding, so we weren’t able to do any moving, but Krissy got to spend the day in the house.

Sunday included lots more packing didn’t think I was going to move out in two days out of my apartment, but it ended up pretty well everything of mine is out of the apartment. I have the apartment till August 11th, obviously I won’t be needing that, any sub leasers? We didn’t get back to the house till late being we had to pack all day, but made it back to unload the trailer and then head to bed, on a real one, a new bed, not a 25 year old worn out bed.

Monday we spent the morning unpacking and I washed the cars and took this picture. We had many visitors throughout the day, lots of my family came over and looked at the house, and I got to see Pete for the first time in almost a year.

It’s almost been a week now since closing and its been quite an experience, lots of stuff I’d like to get, normal household stuff I just don’t have. Tools for my garage, yard supplies, floor mats, upgrades to the house, painting/redecorating, etc. I suppose it will all come in time.

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