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   07.31.06 || 110 Index

How is 99 degrees with a 110 index ‘nice’? Sorry but running from your car air conditioning to your house air conditioning in the summer is just as bad as running from your car heat to your house heat in the winter.

I just don’t get why people like summer. Heat is more miserable than cold. In the winter you can put more clothes on if you’re cold. In the summer, you can only take off so many clothes.

It seems as though those who like summer are the first to complain how hot it is, and run in their car and turn their air on. To me, I'd rather have it cooler out, fall and spring are nice, but if I had to pick between snow and 100 degreed I'd choose snow.

Sitting outside not doing a thing, and dripping sweat is just not fun.

Are you summer lovers happy?

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   07.13.06 || How do I install a Telma?

Wait, what is a “Telma”!?

Well a Telma is a frictionless brake.

What is a frictionless brake, and what would I need one of those for?

If you own a truck and haul lots of weight, you’ll soon realize its hard to stop all that weight. A Telma is a frictionless braking system for larger trucks. It is frictionless so there isn’t anything to maintain, no brake pads to replace. It helps slow down the vehicle faster, adding safety, and also allows your friction brakes to last longer, saving money.

But what if I don’t own a big truck?

Tell someone who does, and tell them to buy a Telma, they are cool.

This week I had an installation training in Omaha, NE. I have been on an installation training before, but that was the first one I saw. So my boss sent me out on an installation training, and he couldn’t make it, so I was alone in the deal. After a week of installing it, no real problems, it is installed (it usually takes about a week to install, its not like it took me longer). There was one wiring issue with the ABS system on the truck we ran into, but got that figured out and took a test drive in the truck and it works very nice. Being the truck was empty with no body on it (it is going to be a dump truck, just doesn’t have the back end on it yet, it’s a brand new truck) it would trip the ABS, which was nice to know the Telma shut off, so the system worked correctly. I go on these trips training mechanics who work on the trucks and this training I trained them how to install this Telma.

I got to see again how much the Telma helps in the braking; it is a really powerful unit. You can find out more info here: www.telmausa.com

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   07.03.06 || WARNING! Coleman PACK-AWAY Lanterns

Here is good information for all. I sent this as stated below, we'll see if Coleman will even acknowledge the problem.

The lantern I am talking about here is this one:

The green/brown parts are where the one I have is a shiny silver.

From: Phil White
Sent: Monday, July 03, 2006 12:44 AM
To: consumerservice@coleman.com
Subject: Lanterns (Coleman Pack-Away)

To Whom It May Concern:

We recently received a Coleman Pack-Away lantern as a gift, and I have a comment/concern about the design of this lantern.

A few weeks ago I personally was looking at this lamp at the store, they had one on display, and I was looking at it, and not too long after I was looking at it I severely pinched myself while closing it. It has a really bad design in its closing or sliding of it. There is nothing to release it to close it smoothly, you just push on it and it all of a sudden will snap down on you.

The reason I’m sending this is because well, like I said we just got one as a gift, and my girlfriend opened it up, put the batteries in it, and guess what: she was trying to close it, and severely pinched herself as it suddenly closed on her.

I have a feeling that most people who have these or have looked at them have pinched themselves and it just brings up a concern to me of why they don’t have a smarter closing mechanism on it, or something to not have it close suddenly on you, which causes the severe pinching between the top part (silver part in my case) and the bottom base of the lantern. If you need more information of where I’m talking about, I can provide it; I just find it a quite obvious pinch point.

I can’t see how this can be marketed as a ‘family sized’ light, bringing the ‘family’ hence KIDS into this. They would get hurt the most with it. We do not have kids but I feel that this is a huge safety factor for children.

There is no documentation in the user manual that comes with this unit of how to open or close this lantern. This leads me to believe that there is no good way to open or close the lantern.

I hope this letter is not ignored, but taken into consideration. You may contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thanks for your time.

Phil White

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