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   04.23.05 || Ten Days Old

I had to make a new page for the kitties. Updates will take place on that page.

Click for more pictures.

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   04.13.05 || Terri Schiavo

This comic has always been a classic lazy comic. All the frames are drawn all the same, giving easiness when making the comic, just have to add text. I've heard others talk about this particular comic, saying pretty much that, the comic kind of sucks. After saying all that, I thought today was probably his first good comic that I've seen. He makes a good point here, pretty much what I've been saying since I heard about all that crap.

How many millions of other people are going through the same thing? Why pick some random case in Florida? I think everyone kind of knows what I'm talking about here: Terri (Schrivo) (Shiavo) Schiavo . Why should I care about her? I mean how many other cases of this are there all the time? It's only the media who brought this case to be so big, that and politics. It perks everyone's interest when that name comes up now, it's just like I was talking about in my blog after the tsunami, and if anyone hears the word tsunami it perks their interest. I think it is overplayed crap, not that it isn't relevant to many people, but why her. I was sorry for the family she died, but really kind of glad, hopefully now I won't have to have the media throw everything about her and her case into my face.

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   04.10.05 || New Litter

Add five to our family. A kitten we got last fall, who we think is about a year old now, just had her first litter. We got the cat from someone who was allergic to cats, and it was making a home under their shed in their urban home. We didn't know if we were keeping Neuone, but apparently she'll be around for a while. Last Thursday she had 5 kittens, and we finally found them. Our cats are all outside farm cats, they live on mice mostly, but do get treats. Neuone seems to be keeping care of these new kittens, whose eyes aren't even open yet, pretty well. She is doing her job. I thought I'd share our new addition on here; it's pretty cool seeing and holding these thumb sized animals. Mimi, which pretty much came with our house when we got it, is over 16 years old now. She has pretty much accepted Neuone into the family, however she does still show her dominance.
Anyone want kittens? We'll be finding them new homes.

Mimi watches Neuones moves

Mother to the 5 new kittens

Mom checking on her babies

Watchout, it's feeding time

"That milk has got to be there somewhere, I just can't see where"

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   04.04.05 || Batman, The Movie

I actually got some free time today to watch the Illini game. It was impressive, I must say, only if Illini could have made one of those 3's. But there are many sports gurus to talk about that, I'd like to talk about the other stuff. Other stuff I mean as the commercials. Like the Superbowl, a good reason to watch the game is for the good commercials. I can't say that I actually care to watch the Superbowl, I like the commercials better than the game itself. As for the Illini, well I actually watched it for the game and realized the commercials were just about as good of a show. I'd say the Chevy commercials stuck out the most, they advertised about everything different model of car they had I think. Another interesting one for me was the Batman commercial. Batman was partly filmed in Chicago, on lower Wacker to be exact. I happen to work downtown on North Wacker, and in a gravel lot right behind my building they stored the Gotham Police cars, trucks and other lights and utility and movie trucks. I happen to capture some pictures of the equipment they stored, and other stuff they had. So I just may have to do a dedication to Batman Begins in June, when the movie comes out. If you can't wait till then, you can check out the pictures page and look at them there.

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   04.01.05 || I'm Hitched

I didn't want to tell anyone earlier, we were kind of keeping it a
secret, but Krissy and I did get married in Vegas when we were there
couple weeks ago. Her blog was telling the truth, she now has a ring.

Pretty ain't it? It better be, it was expensive!

It is kind of a weird story, I mean
Britney Spears can do it, but I don't know if I fit that class. People
were questioning us a lot, "was it true"… "what's
with Phil and this getting married thing?" I heard many people
talk about it; I never really said anything though. Well now I'm talking
about it. I'm hitched! We really wanted to elope, it seemed like a
different thing to do, and lots of people tell me it saves lots of
money. Me being to lots of weddings, I can see the money it saves,
so we decided to save our money and time and just get it done with.
I know I'm so nonchalant about it, but we've been thinking about it
long before we went. Now the 'newness' has kind of wore off, hell
we've almost got a month under our belt! We had to go to Elvis; it's
just a classic, so… thanks Elvis for a good time.

Elvis, thanks for the good time!

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