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   05.27.05 || Sears Tower, from above

You've got to check this out; they’ve improved sense the last time I've looked. DeKalb isn’t covered with as much detail as this, but Chicago suburbs are. What I’m talking about here is Google Maps. This is a new thing from Google; they have a far superior map system than Mapquest or Mapblast. If you want directions to Florida from Chicago, those maps will tell you to go to Alaska then to Florida. Anyway Google Maps also has a little link for a Satellite view, and that’s what this picture is.

Click here for full view

It’s amazing the detail they get from satellite views, click on the picture and get a close view, it’s a detail of Wacker, just east of the River downtown Chicago. You can even see the cars driving on the road, a boat in the water, incredible detail. Anyway I should be getting paid for this (talk to Google for me, will you?) So try your address, see what your neighbors are hiding in their backyard behind their fence.

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   05.24.05 || Subject: Deutch Bag

Alright, this is too funny. So I have a list of music on my site, and well anything you type on a website Google's web surfing robot finds, and adds to the Google database. This is how Google and all other search engines find peoples websites. Anyway many people on the internet search for specific songs, and a free download of those songs. So if they happen to search for a song I have listed on my site, they'll come to my site. I get 100's of people coming to my site by searching for a song on Google, and I also get people asking for me to send them the song and etc. so I set up a 'free download' page, where basically it tells them, you fool, I'm not going to give you any songs. The funny part of all this is I got an email today, from someone who probably searched for a song, got my site, wanted the free download, then got pissed because I tricked him, so he wrote me this:

Dude you are a total tool. Why would I want to know what songs you like? What a waste of web space. You are a waste of sperm and egg. You are a low life skum sucking maggot
~B. Russell | toukz@yahoo.com.

Hahaha, that's hilarious! Not only was he so pissed that he got tricked into a 'free download' but he even took extra time to send an email and point out I pissed him off. Great! You know dude, that's what that page is for, for fools like you who have nothing better to do than search in Google for a free download of a song! So I guess all I have to say is: B. Russell, I GOTCHA! If anyone wants to tell him what a fool he is, go ahead, send him an email.

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   05.22.05 || Deserted DeKalb

Everyone has moved out of DeKalb, I still sit here. The city of DeKalb’s population is cut in half when summer comes around, everyone moves back home. Weather it be back home to live off the parents, or a summer job or internship most NIUers vacate DeKalb. I'd say it’s rather lonely here, but I’m rarely here myself. I spend more time traveling to and from downtown Chicago every day, than being in DeKalb. This leaves me little time to work on business stuff, editing video, editing pictures and such. I do have a couple videos I need to get done, I'm rather behind.

Some of us go home and some go off to better places. Pete for instance, is heading to London tomorrow for a summer internship. This is the guy who I went to visit last summer, in New York City. Only if I could afford the $900 airfare to London, I would go visit him this summer too. Needless to say I won't be able to visit him, and I wonder the future of ill-noise.com. I’m sure he’ll do whatever it takes to get internet there, and update his site though, he doubts it, but I’m sure he’ll manage. Anyway, we got to have dinner tonight, before his 3 PM departure tomorrow. On the other hand, Krissy headed to ISU today for her Field Camp. She’ll be spending two weeks there doing what geologist do best, play with dirt. She has different names for this stuff I refer to as dirt, but those words are too big for me. Anyway, this leaves an open next two weeks for me. Not that I don't have work to do, like I mentioned before, but I guess it’s a matter of you want what you can't have.

A little update on the kitties, we have 3 healthy 6 week old kitties now, not sure what happened to the other 2, but nature probably took its course. The Kitties page has been updated with some new pictures.

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   05.13.05 || Raped at the Bookstore

I walk in with a book I bought brand new and paid $80 for at the beginning of the semester. Knowing I’m walking into a traditional college town bookstore, figuring they won't give me close to the price I paid for it. So I figured they wouldn’t give much more than $50 for something I paid $80, and barely used. “About fifty right?” I ask as the guy behind the counter scans the book. “Well…” he pages through the book to find the CD which was untouched in the back of the book “with the CD I can give you twelve dollars.” I say “thanks”, quickly grab my book and walk off, as he politely says “have a nice day.” I wanted to tell him, “so you guys like raping college students of their money don't you?” I'd rather tell that to the owner of the bookstore, but I’m sure he's sitting in his multi-million dollar house somewhere. After all he makes so much money off books from poor college students.

Every semester we have stupid poor college students rushing to the bookstores here on campus and giving them their books. Notice I didn’t say ‘sell’ books back, because you aren’t selling them, your giving them away. You know, they would cover up that $80 price tag on my book and put a $65 price tag on it because, well, it is used. So they would make a 542% profit on the book I basically gave them.

So what to do? Don't give them to the bookstore, sell it on Half.com. It’s simple; I mean they have step by step instructions. “That takes too much time, it’s too hard” you say? Ok, contact me, I’ll take your book and sell it for you. Just don't take it to the bookstore, bring it here instead. Along with selling books, half is a good place to buy as well, I usually save about $300 a semester. Yes, $300. Last semester my books were $700 at the bookstore. No, I’m not an advertisement for half.com, I’m just trying to spread a good word, hope it helps.

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   05.10.05 || 82 is Hot

Ok today was just plain hot, yes HOT. I don't get people who like this crap. I’m sorry but I don't like to sit down, doing nothing and sweat. Even worse is lying in bed and sweating. What fun is that? I was looking at NIU Livejournal a couple days ago and one of the entries was a girl complaining about the heat at Douglas. She was saying she likes the temp in her room around 85. I had to comment, 85?? I'd be instantly sweating! Another thing is why are these people in Illinois? I mean I guess I can understand we’re at a college campus maybe she's from Florida and she came to NIU for one of the programs here, but still. I mean 85 is only nice when I want to go swimming, otherwise anything above 70 is hot. Maybe it’s not hot if you’re sitting around doing nothing and there’s a breeze, but if you’re doing anything, you’ll keep warm, at least I will. So I just had to say 82 is hot, like it was in DeKalb today.

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   05.08.05 || Finals

As I said freshman year, it hasn't changed:
It has commenced...finals week is upon us in full force, seizing what sanity I have left after a menacing term. The thought of a pure, utopian society has faded while NIU has captured the last breath of any rational existence and conquered our self-worth. In coming days it is likely to see a plethora of unpleasant faces staring into an oblivion that can only be experienced by the NIU society. The underlying prolificacy in which this institution so loves to put forth has taken a toll on our already feeble carcasses, in result of consuming repulsive dining hall rations. The possibility of survival is a distant notion...God help us all...

This is going to be a fun week, 3 finals tomorrow, 1 on Tuesday, and 2 Wednesday. Yep, 6 finals this semester. Why am I an engineer again? I should have picked COMS or something.

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   05.05.05 || I'm a Criminal

I wanted to let everyone know, all my readers, that I’m a criminal. I don't want to deny anything, I've commited a few murders, bank robberies, and also I fully admit to the stabbing at Starbusters last week. Yes, this is all truthful Mr. Lieutenant Matt Kiederlen of the DeKalb police department. I did it all, come get me.

Well, now that I’ve incriminated myself, let me share something. Why would someone do this? Why would you have any documentation paper or internet that you’ve committed a crime? “Blogs under legal scrutiny” is the title of the article I’m talking about. Basically, soon they are saying police can legally come after you for stuff you say in your blog. However, I ask, why would someone admit to something in a public place, that could incriminate them? I mean if I was going to go murder someone (not that I ever would, but hypothetically) I sure has hell wouldn’t be putting it here. Granted I don't really agree with this whole thing, I don't think blogs are credible, and it’s really hard to prove that something is true. Just like you don't want to Google “smoking is good for you” because I’m sure there’s a website somewhere that says smoking is good, but how credible are they. So overall I don't agree with police being able to prosecute according to something written in a blog, but what fool would say something in a place that anyone could see?

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   05.03.05 || MT is Alive

Sorry for the lack of content lately people, but with school and trying to get this fancy thing called Moveable Type installed it hasn’t left for much time. Now that MT is up and seems to be working I have a little easier way of updating my site. Hopefully I’ll be able to update more often, and get some new stuff up here. If stuff doesn’t work, let me know, everything isn’t perfect, or at least the way I want it, yet.

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